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About Thrivetracker

If you wish to succeed as an affiliate marketer, it is essential to track your data.Thrivetracker acts as a 'home base' for affiliates to oversee the performance of their crucial campaigns and is an important tool used to increase the consistency, quality, and volume of traffic. Readmore
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Thrivetracker Coupon Code, Discount Code, Promo Code of 2022 $39
  • AI Optimization
  • Multi-User Access
  • Funnel Support
  • Customer Support
  • Bot Filter

Thrivetracker Coupon Code, Discount Code, Promo Code of 2022

“Thrivetracker is an excellent affiliate tracking software that enables you to have outright information about your campaigns. One can easily discard excel spreadsheets and other costly trackers because Thrivetracker is cheap and easy to use. It is a self-hosted software which means no need for separate hosting software- “


  • Faster speed-cloud hosted plans allow you to benefit from its cloud infrastructure
  • No host server required
  • User friendly interface
  • Multi-currency accommodation
  • Easy integration


  • Any defective tracking may create more errors

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


ThriveTracker Coupon – Manage your campaigns, build scalable tracking, automation technology & more via ThriveTracker.

Performance marketers cannot survive in this business without a good tracker. The sheer volumes of manual tracking they would have to do is mind-boggling. For this reason, a good tracker, such as Thrivetracker is a must-have.

Have you heard of Thrivetracker? Here is what it can do.

What is ThriveTracker?


Thrivetracker is a widely used affiliate tracking software. Thrivetracker gets you all the necessary information you require to have a complete picture of your campaigns on a single platform. It is a self-hosted software which means that it runs on your own server.

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ThriveTracker Features

Thrivetracker Features

1) Fast Redirects

Thrivetracker is connected to a globally distributed cutting-edge tech (AWS infrastructure). This technology ensures that your traffic goes where you choose at high speeds. Thrivetracker supports both desktop and mobile traffic so you don’t have to worry about losing clicks especially when you use slower trackers.

2) Landing Page Pixel

Thrivetracker allows you to track everything without redirects and also to split-test offers in simple and quick steps. Place the trackers’ tracking pixel on the landing pages and run traffic to your pages from your traffic sources.

Additionally, it comes in handy when tracking mobile traffic and traffic from safari browsers. The LP can track visits to each landing page for organic traffic in addition to upgrading the quality of Facebook Ad campaigns that Thrivetracker tracks.

3) Multi-User Access

Thrivetracker allows separate login passes for employees, affiliates, and partners. You can assign many users to one account and be able to decide who has access and also the ability to select campaigns.

There is a possibility of building a team that will enable you to use your multi-user access tools to enable an in-depth team experience.

4) Dashboard

An impressive dashboard is available which makes it easy to present your most important analytics. Information is then organized to ease interpretations and offer the most useful metrics quickly and easily.

You can use the Thrivetracker at any time wherever you are because the new dashboard is mobile responsive.

ThriveTracker Coupon & Pricing

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Thrivetracker offers pricing plans which suit each individual requirement: Cloud Elite, Cloud Lite, and Cloud Classic.

Thrivetracker Pricing

Cloud Elite Plan is a custom pricing plan which offers unlimited clicks and unlimited domains with monthly or annual billing.

Cloud Classic Plan:  Goes for $79 a month billed annually or $99 billed monthly and offers one custom domain, a maximum of one million clicks and if you wish to add more domains, you pay $10 for each domain monthly. You can choose to pay annually or monthly.

Cloud Lite Plan: Costs $35 monthly billed annually or $39 billed monthly and offers 1 custom domain and up to 100,000 clicks. For additional domains, you have to pay $10 per domain each month.

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Affiliate marketing is on the rise as many individuals and businesses are benefiting from it. To keep an eye on your affiliate marketing campaigns you need a tracker like Thrivetracker which will maintain the progress of your campaign. So don’t wait anymore! Redeem ThriveTracker Coupon Code now! If you have never tried Thrivetracker, try it, and share your findings.