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About Product List Genie

Product List Genie has the quickest delivery rates. It is completely automated, gives you access to the trendiest products and advice on how to sell them through your store. Also, you never have to worry about how to implement or run the program, there’s full team support. Readmore
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Product List Genie Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Codes of 2022 $67.97
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  • Value for money

Product List Genie Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Codes of 2022

“Product List Genie is an automated system that helps aspiring drop shippers to fill their Shopify store with popular products. It helps you to select the right products to sell that have been proven to convert. Delivery rates are fast since all products are sourced directly from suppliers – “


  • More comprehensive than similar choices available in the market.
  • Highly effective software
  • Free trial available
  • Updates every 24 hours with new products
  • Full team support


  • Pricing is quite high for what is offered
  • There is a risk of copyright infringement from some products

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Product List Genie Coupon Code – Research the hottest, trending & top selling ecommerce products using Product List Genie.

One of the advantages for people get when using product genie is that you can start your new business a lot faster.  With the products list genie, you can access a private network with exclusive e-commerce features and product bundles with a single click. Aside from all that, you can get an eCommerce list too that makes it fast and straight forward to trace competitors.

What is Product List Genie?

Product List genie

Product list genie is a software designed to help you get all the high converting products available in the market.   You can get the job done while still enjoying the results since it focusses on the idea of creating a digital store with just a few clicks. Product List Genie helps you find products that sell well and saves you time.

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Product List Genie Features

Product List Genie Features

1) High Ticket Products

Under this feature, Product List Genie teaches you how to do dropshipping correctly and systematically. You get a list of products with considerably higher prices. You also get a chance to get training regarding high ticket products.

2) Advertising User Interface

Product List Genie supports Facebook and Google Ads. Under the Facebook Ads, this feature provides short videos, Ad copy, campaign objectives, etc., so that you can get a precise picture regarding the advertising procedure.

3) Group Support

You never have to worry about how to make the most out of this software; basically, you have premium support from the team behind this software as well as your fellow drop shippers.

4) Products Insights

Gain access to insights and solutions about Ads that drive traffic to your stores. You don’t have to worry about outdated products that have lost popularity. This software tracks all up to date products for you, and the updates are in real time.

Product List Genie Coupon & Pricing

Product List Genie Pricing

Product List Genie sells for $97.97 month. For this subscription, you will access winning products, the ability to push items directly to your store, the ability to push winning ads right into your Facebook Ads and Google Adwords accounts, fresh trending products added daily as well as premium support.

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Finally, Product List Genie is generally an excellent tool for those who want to create numerous online stores and automate their businesses. Also, Product List Genie has lots of useful information that will definitely come in handy in the e-commerce field. So why are you still waiting? Redeem Product List Genie Coupon Code immediately to avail benefits. What has been your experience with Product List Genie? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.