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About PushEngage

PushEngage offers a personalized browser for push notifications. PushEngage helps you to set auto-trigger for abandoned carts, segment users dynamically, use the power of funnel analytics, and improve your push notifications. PushEngage supports all the browsers that support Web Push including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge among others. Readmore
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  • Pros
  • Cons
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  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Scheduling and Notifications
  • Targeting
  • Analytics
  • User Experience

PushEngage Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ PushEngage is a platform for sending personalized web push notifications, RSS automation, and Advanced Scheduling. With PushEngage, you get to automatically segment your subscribers and auto-responders while deploying drip campaigns and sending them push notifications. PushEngage is for browser (Chrome and Firefox) push notifications to boost customer engagements – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Fast, easy setup
  • Harnesses the power of email marketing into push notifications
  • Drip feeding Segmentation Automation
  • Outstanding customer support
  • The platform keeps evolving to add new awesome features


  • If they could integrate notifications with a feed
  • The ability to clean my list(inactive subscribers) more often would be great

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


PushEngage Coupon Code – Send Personalized Web Push Notifications and engage your visitors!

What do the best online marketers and advertisers do when they need to have their push notifications sent out easily? Most of them seek out a tool that will do it for them easily. There are many tools in the market that can help you with that. However, with PushEngage, you can be sure of the best and productive service.

What is PushEngage?


PushEngage is a marketing software that offers personalized web push notifications. For this purpose it uses automatic segmentation of your subscribers, auto-responders and drip campaigns. They also support many campaigns like cart abandonment, price alerts and personalized browse abandonments based on user events. Thus it’s among the best marketing software companies that send out push notifications for you.

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PushEngage Features

PushEngage Features

As we see, PushEngage offers various features and the important ones are listed below:

1) Cart Abandoned Push Notifications

You can send timely web notifications to users who abandoned items in the shopping cart to increase conversion. It increases the conversion rate of your eCommerce site by converting abandoned cart users with push notifications. The tool also personalizes each notification to be sent out by adding the product image and a personalized price.

2) Segmentation of Web Push Subscribers

Dynamically segment your user to send targeted web push notifications which can lead to twice the increase in CTR. You can create multiple segments based on varying factors. You could also send customized notifications to targeted segments that are created automatically based on user action. Hence segmentation of web push subscribers become easier.

3) Advanced Analytics

This tool has funnel analytics to optimize the subscription box to use. You can get detailed analytics on the push notification opt-in and each impression of your opt-in. It also allows you to check your web push notification subscription and subscription rate. Obviously you can check the performance of individual notifications and check their click rates.

4) Trigger Push Notification

Based on user actions like; cross-sell and product reviews, you can send personalized notifications. You could also create multiple trigger campaigns based on user action and separate them for each condition. Create multiple notifications with different personalized messages.

PushEngage Coupon & Pricing

PushEngage Pricing

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PushEngage offers a free trial for new subscribers. Their paid subscriptions come in two major categories; monthly and yearly.

Billed Monthly

Business Package: $29/month.

Premium Package: $59/month.

Enterprise Package: Contact them for quote.

Billed Yearly

Business Package: $25/month.

Premium Package: $50/month.

Enterprise Package: Contact them for quote.

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Thus PushEngage is one of the biggest marketing software in the world today. The company is very effective and offers its services at a very good rate. So what are you still thinking about? Try PushEngage today! Apply PushEngage Coupon Code to avail benefits! Use it and share your comments.