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About Voluum

With Voluum, you will be in a position of processing real-time data that provides instantaneous information to users. Voluum works on any device and it is also accessible on cloud making it easier for advertises to control their activities. At the same time, it secures your data Readmore
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  • Pros
  • Cons
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  • Tracking Capabilities
  • Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support

Voluum Review- Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code 2022

“ When it comes to real-time analytics and innovative platform, for tracking online campaigns, nothing works better than Voluum. The Voluum system is designed by Codewise for the purpose of helping individual advertisers and performance marketers to monitor their profitability. Voluum has the ability of processing real time data – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Tracks all your ad campaigns
  • Optimizes ad performance
  • Analyzes information for actionable insights
  • Scales your affiliate marketing business
  • Works with all traffic sources


  • Very expensive

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Voluum Coupon Code – Take the overall control on all your ad campaigns using Voluum Ad Tracker!

Where do you run to when you need a tool to track online campaigns? Voluum is there to the rescue to help you out. Advertisers mainly use Voluum to monitor the progress of their efforts and their profit.

What is Voluum?


Voluum is an innovative, real-time analytics platform that tracks online campaigns. The system is designed by Codewise and is able to process real-time data, which allows it to provide instant information to its users. High-grade encryption and authentication methods similar to those of global financial institutions protect this solution. So is this a good choice for marketers? The answer would be YES.

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Voluum Features

Voluum Features

1) Real-Time Data Processing

Voluum offers marketers and advertisers an opportunity to get live updates regarding their campaigns. Voluum’s system is powered by an architecture processes a multitude of data in real-time. With these, the users can analyze, optimize and even monetize their campaigns with granular data.

2) Robust Security

Voluum uses a system similar to those of global financial organizations which means the authentication and encryption methods are strong. When one server is down, the traffic directs to the closest data center so that campaigns are always live and clickable.

3) Scalable Traffic

Voluum is able to process data continuously regardless of the traffic. Their infrastructure is also designed to scale up or down depending on the need. This means that there are no data limits and offers a seamless flow of information for its users.

4) Reporting API

Voluum comes with its own reporting suite. However, users who want more out of the solution can use the API to connect reporting systems to their tracking application. Hence this gives the users all the data they need without leaving the platform’s interface.

Voluum Coupon & Pricing

Voluum Pricing

Voluum offers a free trial of their services before you choose a suitable package. 

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Discover package costs $69\month

Profit package costs $149\month

Grow package costs $449\month

Agency package costs $999\month

They also offer a custom package where the user can customize their prices and the services they get.

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Finally Voluum is the go-to solution for any online marketer and advertiser. This affiliate marketing software is positively reviewed by many experts around the world and the users who have experienced it. Also the solution is easy to use and its data is easy to access from their database. Have you tried Voluum? Try it out. Grab Voluum Coupon Code immediately and make the best use of this tool. Do not be afraid to share your comments on the Customer Satisfaction Algorithm.