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About NameSilo

NameSilo services include easy registering, hosting, and managing domains. It offers a wide range of TLDs, with which you will be able to pick the right hosting package to create your unique online presence. Readmore
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NameSilo Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code

“ NameSilo is a cheap, easy, and secure domain registration, renewal, hosting and management solution. It offers thousands of domain names and websites for low prices on the web. It has promising features like domain defender protection, portfolio management, registry lock, free WHOIS privacy, email forwarding, quality customer support and ease-of-use. – “


  • Allows more TLDs
  • 100% transparent pricing
  • High domain security
  • Bulk domain registration
  • Low domain renewal charges


  • Low accessibility grade
  • UI is not attractive
  • Low onboarding level

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Domain registration is a huge market as we shift our lives and businesses to the new world that revolves around the Internet. While there are many registrars out there to choose from, many potential domain buyers tend to gravitate to the biggest players. NameSilo stands on the top of those. This review is completely about NameSilo. Before we dig deep, don’t fail to catch our exclusive 75% NameSilo Promo Code.

What exactly is NameSilo?

NameSilo & NameSilo Promo Code

NameSilo is a highly reputable domain registrar and hosting solution. It helps you to register and manage your domains with ease. It offers the best free WHOIS privacy, free API access, free customizable parking options where you keep 100% of the revenue, free DNS management and much more.

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NameSilo Features

1) Free WHOIS privacy for life

NameSilo offers free WHOIS privacy that helps you to protect your identity from spammers and hackers. Every other company charge their users for offering WHOIS privacy, whereas with NameSilo, its completely free for entire lifetime. This is a major plus in using NameSilo. NameSilo will not show your contact information in the WHOIS database, instead all contact information will be replaced with the defaults. 

2) User Friendly Control Panel

NameSilo has a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use interface and control panel. You don’t have to search for options or tabs or ask for assistance from anywhere. Instead you can just check the control panel and you will everything there. It is a major advantage in NameSilo, that you don’t want to have extra knowledge to find anything within it.

3) Availability of TLDs

NameSilo is very famous for its massive TLDs. It offers up to 500 TLDs. NameSilo is the only domain registrar that offers TLDs in bulk. You get TLDs at the cheapest price in NameSilo. So if you are looking for a variety of TLDs, NameSilo would be the best choice. 

NameSilo Coupon Code & Pricing

NameSilo Pricing & NameSilo Coupon Code

It is evident that NameSilo offers more flexible pricing plans compared to other domain registrars and hosting services. It offers three pricing plans for hosting your domains and they are as follows:

Starter Plan – Costs $2.99 per month for hosting 1 website.

Premium Plan – Costs $4.99 per month  for hosting 3 websites

Turbo Plan – Costs $8.99 per month for hosting 10 websites.

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NameSilo is thus a very good option for professional users and businesses. It offers the best prices for registering domains and hosting websites. Its easy to use interface allows you to manage all your domains from one place. Plus it offers intricate DNS and account management options. Don’t delay anymore. NameSilo is a platform with awesome features. So claim our 75% NameSilo Promo Code! Use it and share your experiences with us below.