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About SimpleBackups

SimpleBackups is the easiest and fastest way to ensure all your data is securely backed up. SimpleBackups schedules automated hourly/daily backups for servers, website files, and databases. Also, there are several storage options integrated within SimpleBackups like Google Cloud Storage. It all takes about 5 minutes! Readmore
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  • Website and Database Backups
  • Backup Scheduling
  • Data Security
  • Ease of Use

SimpleBackups Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ SimpleBackups is the perfect tool to keep your website and database backups up to date. SimpleBackups eliminates all the stress of having to backup your data manually. With automated scheduled backups and cloud storage, SimpleBackups will keep your data safe and notify you when you have silent fails – “


  • Instant backup error notification
  • Cron Syntax scheduling
  • Custom backup schedules plus timezone support
  • Excellent customer service


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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


SimpleBackups Coupon Code – Keep your website information very safe with the perfect website backup tool!

If you are operating or planning to operate your own business, there are certain things that should never lack. One of these things are a backup system to ensure the data of your business is safe. You should undertake this backup process regularly in order for your business to prosper. In this article, we are going to look at what SimpleBackups are, the importance of having one and pricing.

What is SimpleBackups?


SimpleBackups is a simple all-in-one website and database backup on auto-pilot. Every business person should adopt such a tool to protect your cloud data. Plus, you can choose either manual or automated scheduled backups. The main purpose of Simple backup is to ensure that your critical data is not lost at any given point. Therefore, having such an effective tool for any business is very vital. So far if you have not used SimpleBackups, here is an wonderful opportunity to avail it in a very low price.

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SimpleBackups Features

There are certain features which makes Simple Backups work best as listed below;

1) Bring your Own Storage

SimpleBackups allows you to bring your own storage. You can store your backups in your Digital Ocean, AWS, Google, Wasabi, or Dropbox account depending on your preference. This service is so meticulous that your backups won’t even pass by Simple Backup’s servers.

2) Trustworthy Technology

SimpleBackups is known to have quick snapshots that make sure that you won’t experience interruptions during the backup process. The backup process is flexible as it can be scheduled at any time regardless of whether it is working hours or not. SimpleBackups’ backup technology ensures that recent snapshots are kept closer to enhance quick recovery. The technology of backing up your cloud server ensures that you save the files from the previous works.

3) Website Backup

SimpleBackups backs up all your files and databases in your website fast and flawlessly. You even have control over how you want the backups made. For instance, you can request that your backups be made using  Powerful scheduling using our interface,  API call, Backup webhooks, Backup triggers, and On-demand triggers.

SimpleBackups Coupon & Pricing

SimpleBackups Pricing

As discussed above, SimpleBackups offers affordable pricing for all users as follows;

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Free Plan: Costs $0. You get 1 website backup among other features

Standard Plan: Costs $29/Mo. You get 100 website backups, 50GB, and other awesome features.

Pro Plan: Charges $59/Mo.

Webhost Plan: Priced at $199/Mo

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If you have thought of the best way of securing your business’ critical data, SimpleBackups is what you require. So make the most out of this brilliant tool by claiming SimpleBackups Coupon Code only here! Have you tried using Simple Backups in your business? If not, it is okay. It’s not too late, you can start out now and share your thoughts about SimpleBackups below.