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About Funnelflux

If you want to track your affiliate links effectively, use FunnelFlux. FunnelFlux will provide you with appropriate and actionable information which will undoubtedly boost your success in affiliate marketing. You can use a visual funnel builder to create complex funnels and customize sources for various running campaigns. Readmore
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Funnelflux review by AFFcoupons

  • Pros
  • Cons
Funnelflux Discount Code, Promo Code, Coupon Code of 2022 $99
  • Initial Configuration and Integrations
  • Analytics and Reports
  • HeatMaps
  • Funnel Editor
  • Customer Experience

Funnelflux Discount Code, Promo Code, Coupon Code of 2022

“ FunnelFlux is an affiliate tracking tool that helps you to find the highest profitable traffic segments. Also, you get to minimize costs by cutting the non-profit ones. It’s a visual tracker that enables you to easily monitor your links.  FunnelFlux works even if you have zero coding skills “


  • Breakneck speeds
  • You can build any sort of funnel imaginable
  • E-mail optin funnel
  • MTV Testing, Automation, and Bot Detection


  • If you are a beginner you will need time to understand how FunnelFlux works

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


FunnelFlux Coupon Code – Track your marketing campaigns effectively & build complex funnels easily using FunnelFlux.

The importance of tracking your digital business cannot be overemphasized. In truth, it is only through meticulous tracking that you will learn what works for your business and what is flopping. Needless to say, a good tracking tool, like FunnelFlux is invaluable.

Want to find out more about FunnelFlux? Let’s do it!

What is FunnelFlux?


FunnelFlux is a funnel tracking software that allows you to discover the most profitable traffic and also the non- profitable segments. It allows you to create, optimize, and adjust campaigns using a purely visual interface which means you don’t need any coding skills. With FunnelFlux, you can choose the Self-hosted version or the Cloud-hosted version.

The Cloud-hosted version of FunnelFlux, better known as FunnelFlux Pro is very new and free for the time being. You can click here to sign up right now.

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FunnelFlux Features

1) Funnel Editor

The Funnel Editor is a visual creation tool that allows you to do anything you want with tracking and controlling redirections for your campaigns.

Each funnel is a visual map that allows you to send traffic from any number of traffic sources to any single funnel available.

2) Landing Pages and Split Testing

The good news is, you don’t need to be a tech guru to test and observe how different types of landing pages will perform with FunnelFlux multivariate function.

Simply drag the various parameters according to your liking and connect them with the tracker. However, to create landing pages inside FunnelFlux you will require external software.

3) Stats and Analytics

FunnelFlux analytics is one of the supreme features that this tracker offers.

If you are a beginner you will get more than 60 key performance indicators at your disposal. Plus, FunnelFlux provides these features with custom tracking fields that enable you to easily analyze the statistical significance of your campaign.

4) Self-hosted Tracker

FunnelFlux is a self -hosted tracker which means that you have to find servers and the physical structures needed to manage your information.

This tracker updates automatically. As a result, you don’t have to take any extra steps to acquire the latest updated version.

FunnelFlux Coupon & Pricing

FunnelFlux has three payment plans specifically for link tracking and a fourth plan to manage landing page servers; flux micro flux starter flux pro and managed LP server.

Before checking those apply FunnelFlux Coupon Code now and check out more savings on your purchase!

Flux Micro Plan: For only $139 monthly you get Flux Micro. This plan comes with unlimited custom domains, free SSL Plus on custom domains, and no overage charges.

Flux Starter Plan: With $179 monthly you will access Flux Starter features such as unlimited custom domains, free SSL Plus on custom domains, one server location, and 160GB data storage.

Flux Pro Plan: This one offers unlimited custom domains, free SSL Plus on custom domains, two server locations, and 320GB data stored for $249 each month

Managed LP Server: This is a $30 monthly plan featuring unlimited domains with SSL, Easy FTP access, Basic PHP landers, and upgrades.

Claim FunnelFlux Coupon Code Now!

In this review, we have found FunnelFlux to be an awesome and powerful self- hosted tracker. So, if you have never used FunnelFlux before we suggest you take a look at FunnelFlux, we are certain that you will love it. Don’t forget to redeem FunnelFlux Coupon Code! Take more advantage on this tool and the most out of it.