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About ClickAdilla

ClickAdilla is a robust traffic resource for affiliates and advertisers. You can buy Popunder, Push, Banner, Mobile, and Native traffic off this self-service network. ClickAdilla helps you set up campaigns quickly. Plus, you can use their targeting options, limits, premium sources, blacklists, and features to increase conversions. Readmore
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  • Pros
  • Cons
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  • Traffic quality
  • Targeting and Retargeting
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing

ClickAdilla Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ ClickAdilla is a Next Generation Self-service network where advertisers and affiliate marketers can purchase Popunder, Push, Banner, Mobile, and Native traffic. ClickAdilla promises high quality traffic at reasonable prices. Plus, you get detailed statistics, various tracking solutions, a personal account manager, exclusive traffic sources, and an easy start – “


  • High quality traffic
  • Real-time reporting
  • Personal account manager
  • Multiple payment options


  • A bit challenging to set up

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


ClickAdilla Coupon Code – Buy the top Ad Network for advertisers at unbelievable price!

There are many tools that can help an advertiser and a marketer to optimize the performance of their website. There are numerous good options but among all of them, ClickAdilla stands out as one of the best. ClickAdilla is an advertising tool that makes sure you get high quality traffic at cheap prices.

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What is ClickAdilla?


ClickAdilla is a self-serve Ad network that helps you to increase your traffic volume from all types of sources. ClickAdilla is partnered with Tube Corporate so that their users can get exclusive traffic. The traffic comes from Corporate’s major sites and holdings. They also handle landings for adult categories of content.

ClickAdilla Features


1) Handling Adult Content

ClickAdilla handles landings especially for adult content and can bring direct traffic to your site. They do this rather than redirecting traffic that has been resold. They also allow adult landings because of their exclusive focus. This is good if you are seeking to capture traffic from specific sections of the web. You can take advantage of the adult sites since most traffic sites don’t touch adult sites.

2) Access to Adult Landings

With ClickAdilla, you can allow adult landings with their push landings. This is very effective because it increases the volume of traffic. They combine the sudden interest and flashiness generated by push ads with interest from adult landings and locations. ClickAdilla is one of the few sites that allow these push ads.

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3) Site Referrers

ClickAdilla allows its users to see site referrers for their traffic. This lets them to understand where their traffic is coming from and how to adjust their site’s content and appearance.

4) Whitelist Access

ClickAdilla allows you to access their whitelist of sources. This enables you to see the best ways to gain excellent traffic for your site. This gives you the ability to create a marketing strategy and traffic push using a wide swath of advertising options.

ClickAdilla Coupon & Pricing

ClickAdilla has not opened up about their specific prices. However, when you contact them, they will guide you on their pricing plans. Furthermore, they have several payment methods such as Paxum, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer and many others. When you are choosing a pricing plan, don’t forget to redeem the ClickAdilla Coupon Code!

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ClickAdilla is one of the best tools at what it does. The website is reviewed quite positively by a number of experts and experienced users. The company does its work very well and consistently and at reasonable prices. Their website is also hailed for being very easy to use. Have you tried ClickAdilla? If not, grab the ClickAdilla Coupon Code – ACCLICKADILLA. Try it and let us know your experience.