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About AMZScout

AMZScout is an extensive amazon product research tool that lets you discover top selling products on amazon, get reports on your sales per month, reviews, cost, and more to determine what’s selling and what’s not. It helps you to monitor and analyze product rankings to run PPC with high volume keywords. Readmore
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AMZScout Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ AMZScout is the most powerful amazon product finder tool. With this tool, you can explore winning and trending products on amazon, validate your product ideas, get reports on every product you sell, and also discover the best niches and highest potential products. It is the No.1 product keyword rank tracking solution available in the market.   – “


  • Simple to get started
  • Huge product database
  • Unlimited product research ideas
  • Trusted by successful sellers


  • Extensions are available only for chrome browser
  • Keyword explorer takes a while to load

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


To be successful on Amazon, product research is an important factor to be considered. AMZScout serves this purpose and helps you to find high-profit products, optimize your listings for more sales, and plan your entire AMZ business for maximum profitability. Below let’s see what this tool can offer you. But before that redeem 90% AMZScout Coupon Code which is valid only for a limited time.

What is AMZScout?


AMZScout is a Product Research Tool for Amazon Sellers, which is accessible as a web application and a program expansion. It is super easy to use. You can find hundreds of market opportunities, promote your product the right way, sell it to interested customers and make a substantial profit each month. AMZScout helps you to

  1. Find the best products opportunities using 550 million Product Database
  2. Identify niches and products with the highest profit potential and evaluate competition using the legendary PRO Extension
  3. Rely on the most trusted and accurate analytics in the industry
  4. You can even get the top 1% profitable products delivered to your email

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AMZScout Features


1) Amazon Keyword Search

AMZScout Keyword Search Tool enables you to find the best keywords to use for your PPC ads to drive more traffic to your product pages and generate more sales. You can also use these keywords to optimize your Amazon Listing and get more organic search traffic to it. While you can use Keyword Explorer to discover powerful KWs based on a seed keyword, Product Keywords suggest KWs based on your competitor’s Amazon Listings.

2) Spy on Competitors

Knowing your competitors better could Help you to stay ahead of them in the market. AMZScout allows you to monitor their sales, pricing, keywords they use, and even their stock levels. You can steal all their strategies and work better to be on the top of the competition.

3) Sales Estimator

AMZScout Sales Estimator allows you to enter in your product and its relevant sales category to see how your sales could look in the future. You can enter in specific products and their category to be informed of how well or poorly certain products will do in the future. You can see a monthly breakdown of potential sales that could happen in the future so that you can determine whether or not you want to invest in a new product or look somewhere else for better results.

AMZScout Discount Code & Pricing

AMZScout Discount Code & Pricing

As far the pricing is concerned, AMZScout offers three plans and its cost details are provided below:

3 Months Plan – Costs $99 for three months.

Annual Plan – Costs $379 for one year.

Lifetime Plan – Costs $1499 for lifetime access.

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No doubt, AMZScout is a reliable Amazon product research tool. It offers several amazing and top-notch features that can help you find profitable products to sell online. Overall, AMZScout is definitely worth its price. It’s super useful to get good product ideas, optimize your Listing and sell more on Amazon. So why are you still waiting? Claim our AMZScout Coupon Code now! it will surely save a lot of your money. Use AMZScout and share your thoughts with us!