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About AdsTerra

Adsterra is an advertising network that works for both publishers and advertisers. Adsterra works tirelessly to detect, prevent, and eliminate fraud and scam. Each website is scanned through in-house and third-party fraud detection systems. Also, Adsterra provides real-time statistics, conversion tracking, and favourable CPMs like CPI (PPI). Readmore
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  • Detailed Analytics
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  • Security
  • Targeting Inventory and Statistics
  • Customer Support
  • User Experience

AdsTerra Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ Adsterra is a leading digital advertising company offering performance-based solutions for advertisers and media buyers worldwide. Adsterra comes with a personal account manager, robust security provided by a combination of in-house and third-party fraud protection, high conversions through CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL, CPO, and CPI payment models- “


  • Complex multi-step system to prevent bad traffic
  • All payment models are accommodated CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, and CPS
  • Generous array of payment options
  • Personal account managers
  • Full targeting inventory


  • Minimum payout is somewhat high
  • Traffic requirements and all those other thresholds make Adsterra unsuitable for low volume publishers

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


AdsTerra Coupon Code – Advertise online and Monetize your traffic via AdsTerra!

With the growing competition in the business and corporate world, what do online entrepreneurs do to improve their online businesses? The best thing would be to find a tool to assist you with small but important tasks. One of the best tools is AdsTerra, a leading digital advertising company for advertisers and media partners.

What is AdsTerra?


AdsTerra is a leading advertising company that offers performance-based solutions to its clients all over the world. They serve tens of billions of impressions on a monthly basis with geo-targeted advertising. They offer cost per action, cost per click and cost per view, hence pay publishers in any way.

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AdsTerra Features

AdsTerra Features

1) Pop-under Advertising

AdsTerra focuses a lot on pop-under advertising, more than any other company does. Most advertisers opt to use them as a secondary advertising network. However, they still have other useful ad formats, but if you are interested in pop-up ad formats, AdsTerra is the best.

2) Account Management

As a publisher, you can get a personal manager and advertisers can opt for the self-service platform or account manager. An account manager increases the quality of ad implementation because they are 100% involved and their network knowledge.

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3) High Fill Rate

AdsTerra has a unique fill rate of 100% with competitive CPM on their ads. Their FAQ has a fill rate of 100% for all ad formats if their data is correct.

4) Security

The company has good security considering that pop-unders are traditionally a spammy venture. They provide a lot of security and filtering and also block malicious ads and bad ads. They also have an in-house fraud detection system and a third-party system for better security. If an unwanted ad makes it to your site, you can contact your personal manager to have it blocked. Their responses are quick enough and they work on your request as fast as possible.

AdsTerra Coupon & Pricing

AdsTerra Pricing

AdsTerra has two main pricing plans; monthly and one-time. They do not have specific pricing plans. However, they charge according to the number of targeted visitors and the number of visitors you get per day. They also use your time with them to charge you.

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Finally, AdsTerra is a leading advertising company and it has assisted many media partners and advertisers worldwide. The company runs its operations very effectively and successfully. Many experts have been advising people to use AdsTerra, and their clients always leave good reviews. Redeem AdsTerra Coupon Code now to avail benefits! Try AdsTerra and share your experience.