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About Linode

Linode is an incredible and flexible cloud hosting solution that offers top-notch features. It lets you to easily manage and scale your infrastructure with intuitive cloud Manager, API/CLI, one click apps and more. Readmore
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Linode Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2021

“ Linode is a safe and secure cloud hosting solution that is simple, affordable and accessible. Its multiple packages fit any customer’s needs. It has great features like multiple Linux distribution, Custom reverse DNS, Network and CPU usage graphs, unlimited bandwidth, great customer support service, etc.  – “


  • Great upgrades
  • Custom packaging
  • Easy to add or remove hardware based on
  • Keeps on adding new features
  • Good customer support


  • Limited to 2 IP addresses
  • Hourly billing scheme

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Cloud computing has seen the fastest adoption into the mainstream than any other technology in the domain. This adoption has been fueled mainly by the ever-increasing number of digital technologies that access the internet.  Entrepreneurs are also looking for the best cloud hosting solutions to host their websites and to get its awesome benefits. Linode is one such cloud hosting provider that gives you a lot out of it. Before we see in detail about Linode, claim 10% Linode Coupon Code that is available only here!

What exactly is Linode?


Linode is a cloud hosting provider with 11 global markets and more than 800,000 customers in 196 countries. It offers Linux virtual machines and robust set of tools to develop, deploy, and scale your modern applications faster and easier. It is supported by the Next Generation Network, advanced APIs, comprehensive services, and vast library of educational resources.

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Linode Features

Linode Features

1) Intuitive Cloud Manager

The Linode Cloud Manager makes it easy for you to create and manage your Linode services and account. You can easily create users and set custom permissions based on the level of access you want to give each user. Also you can set up custom alerts to inform you when you’re getting close to your resource limits.

2) Easy to use Control Panel

Linode offers an easy-to-use control panel. The layout is well designed and easily navigated. Moreover, the ability to modify things to suit individual needs is a definite selling point too. 

3) Full-Featured API

Linode has got full-featured API that allows you to programmatically manage all your Linode products and services. It automatea tasks in the Cloud Manager, create Linodes, manage IP addresses, and opens support tickets. It lets you to access every part of the Linode platform and besides you can deploy Kubernetes clusters, attach block or object storage volumes, configure NodeBalancers, manage users, and more.

Linode Coupon Code & Pricing

Linode offers different pricing plans for different services it offers. 

Shared Plans – Costs between $5 per month to $960 per month.

Dedicated CPU Plans – Costs between $30 per month to $3840 per month.

High Memory Plans – Costs between $60 per month and $960 per month.

GPU Plans – Costs between $1000 per month to $4000 per month.

Linode is a bit pricy compared to the other cloud hosting solutions. But still you can save more on Linode by redeeming our Linode Coupon Code!

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Linode is a great choice for developers. It offers excellent service at bargain prices and bills on an hourly basis, but they can be far too complicated to use for customers who are not particularly tech savvy. Want to try Linode? Grab our exclusive Linode Coupon and make use of it while you subscribe for your preferred plan. Make the most out of Linode and share your experiences with us.