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About Zeropark

Zeropark is an amazing ad solution that helps you to grow and monetize traffic. It has intuitive dashboard and relatively high CPM rates. With this tool you can set up ad campaigns for push, pop-up and domain redirect ads that really bring high conversions. Readmore
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Zeropark Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2021

“ Zeropark is a self-serve advertising platform for performance marketing campaigns that offers push notification ads, domain redirect ads and pop up ads. This tool brings excellent results with high quality traffic. It helps you to gain high profits from your campaigns. It has amazing features like bot filtering, dedicated campaign approval, robust targeting options, simple setup, etc.  – “


  • User friendly
  • Good traffic volume
  • Great Support
  • Convenient self service platform


  • Minimum withdrawal is $100
  • Limited payment options

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


In this review, we are going to look in detail about Zeropark which is an outstanding advertising network, its features, pricing and more! Before we proceed, here is our exclusive Zeropark Coupon Code with which you can save up to 20% on your ad spends. Isn’t it interesting? Catch it immediately as it is just a limited time offer!

What exactly is Zeropark?


Zeropark is an advertising network specializing in push, pop and domain traffic. It provides advertisers access to more than 15 billion visits monthly. Zeropark’s real-time-bidding platform gives advertisers the ability to easily manage their campaigns through a simple-to-use UI. It’s advanced targeting functionality allows advertisers to select the type of traffic they prefer, from mobile and desktop to OS and device types.

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Zeropark Features


1) Anti-Fraud Solutions

Zeropark has three different tools to prevent misrepresented advertising inventory and deliberate fraudulent ad reporting. They are:

  • Manual compliance vetting
  • Automatic “Honeypot” tool
  • Third-party anti-fraud solutions

These tools will effectively validate publisher’s websites, detect and analyze bot behavior and match traffic and advertising inventory together to find fraudulent activities. It filters out bot traffic, proxy traffic, identify malicious ad content and bypass clocking. This means that you can properly sort traffic before it even hit your bidding process.

2) Bespoke Account Management

Zeropark helps you in developing a proper business relationship with your Account Manager (AM), however, is an investment of time that you should definitely consider. goal is to provide you with a complex, meaningful service. You’re entitled to email-based support from an AM if your monthly spend surpasses $2,000 a month, and Skype-based support if you spend at least $7,500 per month.

3) Diverse Traffic Inventory

Zeropark filters out fraudulent traffic no matter which kind of inventory you’re using. The Premium Traffic feature aims to supply advertisers with highly converting traffic that comes from brand-safe sources. The difference with Premium Traffic is that the filtering process is much more advanced than for Standard Traffic, as it involves manual checking and double checking by our dedicated team.

Zeropark Coupon & Pricing

For pop campaigns you can actually choose between the regular CPV model and an AI-powered eCPA model, called Smart eCPA. 

With CPV you set up your bid per impression and have a traditional, manual control over your campaigns.

With Smart eCPA, on the other hand, you still pay for impressions, however you specify your target eCPA rate rather than a CPV rate.

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Zeropark would be our first recommendation if it comes to CPA offers. It offers quality traffic and supports push, pops, domain redirect, in-app ad types. Along with its top-notch features, it offers excellent support via email, and skype. If you are looking to get access to Zeropark at a reduced price, grab our Zeropark Coupon Code now! This could bring down your ad spends. Use Zeropark and let us know your experience.