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About Woodpecker

Email automation will never be easier than this! Woodpecker is the ultimate email automation tool for launching cold email campaigns, detecting and reacting to replies, and tracking every open and(30) click. Woodpecker saves you time and resources by automating the repetitive tasks of directly contacting prospective clients. Readmore
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  • Detailed Analytics
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  • Email and Follow-up Automation
  • Reply Detection
  • Opens and Click Tracking
  • Cold Email Personalization

Woodpecker Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ Woodpecker is email automation and follow-up tool designed for B2B companies. You can automatically send emails and follow-ups, detect and react to replies, personalize cold emails, and track opens and clicks. Woodpecker saves you and your team loads of time otherwise spend sending and responding to correspondence on email – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Simple, user friendly UI perfect for beginners
  • Programming automation sequences couldn’t be easier
  • Simplified prospect management
  • Quick helpful customer support
  • Easy to integrate with both Google mail and Sendgrid


  • Lack of easy opt-out links
  • No A/B testing feature

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Woodpecker Offer! Start saving more on the best email out reach tool in the market. 

Cold Email Outreach has been proven to be a cheap and effective marketing strategy. However, the actual sending and follow-up process is arduous and repetitive. So, if you want to run successful cold email marketing campaigns, you need powerful software to take care of the automation. Woodpecker is a great choice.

What is Woodpecker?


Woodpecker is a software designed to automate Cold Emails, follow-ups, and inbound lead generation. Additionally, Woodpecker takes care of the impersonal nature of typical cold emails. With Woodpecker, you can personalize cold emails and even predict revenue. Also, it is an easy email automation tool. 

Searching for such a great tool? Here is an awesome deal! Get the latest Woodpecker discount and start automating your emails.

Woodpecker Features

Woodpecker Features

1) Follow-up Automation

Woodpecker allows you to set two follow-up paths. By setting these conditions, a different action is triggered once a customer opens your emails more than once.

2) Open Rates

Woodpecker records the number of click on  your sent emails. This enables you to determine whether you should continue sending emails to some people or not. Ultimately, you will only be sending the ultra-targeted campaigns to the customers who engage with your emails. Hence you save more time.

3) Cold Email Personalization

With Woodpecker, you can add custom fields and snippets to add a personal touch to your mass cold emails. You can add details such as:

  • First name
  • Company name
  • Content snippet or paragraph referring to a customer’s blog you like
  • Reason for emailing

4) Email Scheduling

Scheduling the time when you want emails to be sent is highly effective in boosting the open rate. Woodpecker works tirelessly to give human-like engagements. Essentially, Woodpecker’s email throttling algorithm will automatically send your emails one by one with irregular frequency to mimic human habits.

Woodpecker Discount & Pricing

Woodpecker Pricing

Before checking out the pricing plans, redeem the special Woodpecker offer as this is only a a limited time discount. If you are wondering, Woodpecker offers a 14-day free trial. The subscription-based packages include:

Start-up Package: Costs $40 monthly. For this money, you will get feedback in your inbox and default automated replies if a recipient replies a certain way. Also, you will know where replies are being sent from and the areas’ timezone. This way, you’ll automate your replies to consider with daytime hours.

Team Pro Package: Charges $50 a month. This package allows an unlimited number of emails, customized automated replies and feedbacks sent to your inbox

Enterprise Package: This package is customizable. You have to contact Woodpecker to decide on the features and price of the plan.

Avail Special Woodpecker Discount Today!

For firms that require help with sending emails and responding to feedback, Woodpecker is a great choice. Woodpecker goes through emails and checks for grammatical errors correcting them before sending them. Like this, it offers several benefits. So don’t wait anymore. Make use of this great Woodpecker discount and enjoy the benefits from now onwards. Definitely, this tool will be a game changer for your business. What is your experience with Woodpecker? Please share your views.