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About VPNCity

VPNCity is a reliable VPN service that operates over 3K+ servers and several cities. It employs the AES-256 encryption to protect data from spies and hackers so that you can experience a very safe browsing. It has the ability to work with popular streaming services. Readmore
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  • Cons
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  • Connectivity Features
  • Streaming Score
  • Privacy
  • Speed
  • Ease of use

VPNCity Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code

“ VPNCity is a Hong Kong-registered VPN solution which is more affordable. This hack-proof VPN lets you to protect your personal details and offers secure browsing. It enables unlocking of several online content. It has promising features like unlimited streaming, multi platform availability, 12 device connections at a time, no log privacy, mobile security – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Very good for P2P/torrenting
  • Multiple simultaneous connections
  • No logging policy
  • Responsive Customer Support Service
  • Supports multiple platforms


  • Features could be improved
  • Inconsistent Speed
  • No standard device limits

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The information that you access online is not completely secure. Your ISP can share your information and worse, it can also be intercepted by potential hackers. This is where VPNs come into play. They encrypt the data that is transmitted online and provides secure connections without giving place to the hackers to steal your information. VPNCity is one such VPN service that highly encrypts your data and offers online privacy to the maximum level. Let’s see about this VPN below. Also check out our exclusive 80% VPNCity Coupon which is valid only for a limited period.

What is VPNCity?


VPNCity is an affordable VPN provider. It is a no-logs VPN with military-grade security. VPNCity has 3,167 servers across 42 cities, in 33 countries. You can protect up to twelve devices with one account. VPNCity is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese. Looking to use this reliable VPN service to increase your data privacy? Don’t delay anymore. Claim our exclusive 80% VPNCity Coupon immediately!

VPNCity Features

VPNCity Features

1) Strict No-Log Policy

VPNCity doesn’t keep any of your online activity meaning it does not collect or log any information transmitted through the network. It does not store information about your personal details, where you go online, what you download, or what you search for. Therefore, your online privacy and anonymity are protected from everybody.

2) Unlimited Streaming

The servers of VPNCity are highly optimized for speed. You can upload or download anything online with blazing speed and you wont experience any buffering issues while you are watching any of your favorite shows online. By the way it also offers great protection to your data. 

3) Simultaneous Device Protection

VPNCity allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time. Nearly up to 12 devices can be connected simultaneously with one VPNCity account and all your data remains safe. It may be either streaming, gaming or surfing, VPNCity ensures secure connection over all the connected devices.

VPNCity Coupon Code and Pricing

VPNCity Pricing

Below are the VPNCity pricing plans.

1 Month Plan – Costs $9.95 per month and allows secure connections for up to 6 devices.

6 Months Plan – Costs $5.99 per month and allows secure connections for up to 8 devices.

1 Year Plan – Costs $3.99 per month and allows secure connections for up to 10 devices.

2 Years Plan – Costs $2.99 per month and allows secure connections for up to 12 devices.

VPNCity supports plenty of payment methods, too – card, PayPal, AliPay, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you need it. To save more on VPNCity pricing plans, claim VPNCity Coupon Code. This offer could really reduce a bigger part of your spends on VPNCity.

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VPNCity is a powerful VPN service offering top-notch features. It mainly aims at providing the best security for your data online and so you can browse anonymously. Take advantage of our VPNCity Coupon now and bargain a lot on its pricing plans. Use VPNCity and let us know your experience about it.