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About Ultimate CBO Cookbook

The Ultimate CBO Cookbook is not a book full of yummy recipes rather it is a step by step guide to unprecedented Facebook profits and scaling. Depesh Mandalia imparts his knowledge and experiences concerning CBO and how to achieve consistent profits and scaling using Campaign Budget Optimization. Readmore
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Ultimate CBO Cookbook Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ The Ultimate CBO Cookbook is Depesh Mandalia’s own recipe for achieving wildly profitable growth! Depesh Mandalia recommends his Ultimate CBO Cookbook for hungry Facebook marketers. He promises an action-packed guide to consistent growth and scaling thanks to Campaign Budget Optimization. Join the millions of other hungry Facebook marketers – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Suitable for both newbie and veteran marketers
  • Teaches how to stabilize CBO and increase profitability
  • Advises you on how to project and test scale before the actual scaling
  • Contains extensive knowledgebase on CBO including test studies


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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Ultimate CBO Cookbook Coupon Code – Exclusively for Facebook Ads!

Facebook marketers know they must grab every opportunity to scale and increase conversions. The competition on Facebook is crazy. But marketers can content with the fact that the customer pool is equally deep. There are a few Facebook marketing gurus who finally cracked the code governing Facebook advertising and how to get crazy ROI. One such expert is Depesh Mandalia of the Ultimate CBO Cookbook.

What is Ultimate CBO Cookbook?

Ultimate CBO Cookbook

Ultimate CBO Cookbook is a user-guide for people who have decided to indulge in online marketing especially via Facebook. Online marketing is not easy, therefore, the Ultimate CBO Cookbook gives guidelines to ensure you succeed. The author, Depesh Mandalia, calls it the hungry Facebook marketer’s action-packed guide to consistent profit and saying with Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO). He says Ultimate CBO Cookbook will guide you to build, test, stabilize and profit with Facebook Ads.

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Ultimate CBO Cookbook Features

Ultimate CBO Cookbook Features

1) Understand the Facebook Algorithm

Facebook is constantly changing the rules when it comes to advertising on the platform. For this reason, you need a comprehensive knowledge of Facebook Algorithm in order to use it to your advantage. Depesh Mandalia explains at length how Facebook Ads work and why they work that way. With this information, you will be able to grow and scale in spite of the changing advertising rules.

2) Stability and Consistency

The Ultimate CBO Cookbook shows you how to foster more consistency and stability in your ads. By mastering the Facebook algorithm and how to create Facebook Ads that work well, you’ll be able to project a stable and consistent Ad quality and output(read conversions).

3) Full Testing Process

It goes without saying that you must Test your ads and funnels before deciding which Ads work best for specific targets. Depesh Mandalia explains the exact step by step strategies for testing, prospecting, and retargeting audiences. In other words, Depesh explains the same strategies they use in his own firm to single out the best ads to run.

Ultimate CBO Cookbook Coupon & Pricing

Ultimate CBO Cookbook Pricing

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This product often changes pricing as seasons of discounts come and go. Right now, The Ulitmate CBO Cookbook is going for $297, a one time purchase. They say this price is down from $397 and will only be available for a limited time.

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Thus, the Ultimate CBO Cookbook has seen a lot of beginner Facebook marketers through the first scary months of uncertainty. It is a wealth of knowledge even though it is a bit disappointing that once you buy that’s it! There are no updates or upgrades as is typical with digital products or SaaS products. Claim Ultimate CBO Cookbook Coupon Code only here because it’s just a limited period offer. Have you tried Ultimate CBO Cookbook? What do you think?