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About TrustAds

TrustAds is a social media automation tool that saves time and eliminates human error by automating all the manual tasks on Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat. You can schedule posts, customize the rules with criteria that works for you, and expand your audience in just a few clicks. Readmore
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  • Automation
  • Audience creator
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Customer Support

TrustAds Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ TrustAds is the ultimate automation tool for Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat. Monitor your Ads (14) 24/7, Duplicate your best-performing Ads, Activate, Pause, or Delete your active Ads, campaigns, and  Ad Sets, Increase or Decrease your bids, and receive notifications for every(40) action. TrustAds saves time and eliminates human error – “


  • Saves time and eliminates human error
  • You can monitor your Ads, optimize and scale without much work
  • Automated rules can make decisions based on the metrics that you set
  • Fixed pricing not based on the number of Ads


  • None we could find

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


TrustAds Coupon Code – Get the trusted automation tool for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ads now!

Digital marketing has a lot of moving parts. Thinking you can manage them all without an automation tool is a pipe dream. This is why ad automation tools are so popular in the market. Here is one powerful automation tool called TrustAds.

What is TrustAds?


TrustAds is a social media platform used for automatically monitoring, analyzing, scaling, and protecting your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ads. In fact, it is the world’s first automation tool for Snapchat Ads. All you need to do with TrustAds is to set the rules across your accounts and campaigns. The tool runs every 15 minutes 24/7. 

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TrustAds Features

TrustAds Features

There are various features for TrustAds. A few are listed below:

1) Marketing Automation

One of the most important features of TrustAds is to automate all the processes in affiliate marketing. You can choose to pause, increase/decrease bid or budget, duplicate, activate, delete, alert, or add tag.

2) Metrics that matter

With TrustAds, you are constantly updated with all the metrics that matter to your overall marketing objectives. TrustAds tracks, updates (every 15 minutes), monitors, and protects these metrics because they are integral to the decision-making process. The metrics include ROAS, ROI, CPA, Number of purchases, Number of leads, Adds to cart, Reach, CTR, Number of swipes, Cost per swipe, and Average screen time.

3) Lookalike Audience Generator

TrustAds can generate up to 20% lookalike audiences in just a few clicks. Niche marketers know that sometimes niche audiences can be very small. However, with this tool, you can generate multiple lookalike audiences from multiple countries and create up to 500 audiences in a few clicks. I must reiterate that on Facebook, you can only create 6 lookalike audiences in one go. But TrustAds broke the banks and allows you to create up to 500 lookalike audiences at once!

TrustAds Coupon and Pricing


TrustAds has various pricing plans with the following common features which applies to all;

  • 24/7 support
  • Full training library
  • Regular tactics and strategy calls
  • ROAS calculator
  • SnapChat, Facebook and Instagram automation

Startups are given a free 7 days trial in each pricing plan. The following are the various TrustAds pricing;

Basic Plan: Charges $97.97/Mo. You will get Ad checks every 30 minutes, a single Ad account, and 10 smart rules.

Pro Plan: Costs $197.97/Mo. For this subscription, you can expect Ad checks every 15 minutes, 10 Ad accounts, and 25 Smart rules.

Elite Plan: Valued at $297.97/Mo. This entitles you to Ad checks every 15 minutes, 25 Ad accounts, and 75 Smart rules.

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TrustAds is the best social medial platform that affiliate marketers should use to achieve more in less time. Plus, errors are minimal since everything is automated. So you need not spend time in manual monitoring. Redeem TrustAds Coupon Code now and grab the insane deal soon! What is your experience with TrustAds? Share with us in the comment section below.