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About Trust Activity

Trust Activity is a powerful tool for building trust in your business. By displaying Live Statistics about Sales and the Number of Visitors, your site visitors will see how popular your products are and how many people trust you as a source and convert visitors into customers. Readmore
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  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics
  • No.1 IG Automation Tool
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Get 35% Off discount coupon for Trust Activity Today.
  • Live visitor count
  • Custom notifications, rules and timing
  • Mobile Integration
  • Customer Support

Trust Activity Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ Trust Activity is the ultimate solution to help you build trust. Better known as Social Proof, Trust Activity lets your customers see real statistics which in turn boost their trust in your business and drive conversions. Trust Activity shows only verified information about recent sales and customer count – “


  • Outstanding customer support
  • Significantly increases conversions
  • Provides analytics to help you improve performance
  • 7-day free trial


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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Trust Activity Coupon Code – Buy the popular social proof tool at low cost today!

To be a successful digital marketer, you must learn and master new marketing tactics. Savvy marketers capitalize on turning visitors into customers by using industry-leading tools. One such tool is Trust Activity. 

What is Trust Activity?

Trust Activity

Trust Activity is a self-service platform for conversion rate optimization. By this, I mean Trust Activity displays true, verified information about your sales activity in real-time. So every time a visitor opens your website, they will see real-time sales updates. This is an excellent tool for creating an urgency for your visitors to make a purchase. So still  wondering? Don’t miss out to get 35% Trust Activity Coupon Code!

So, what are some of Trust Activity features?

Trust Activity Features

Trust Activity Features

1) Social Proof Notifications

Trust Activity works by displaying real-time, verified sales to your visitors. Hence it is an excellent way to nudge the visitors towards a conversion.

You can also display other information such as discounts and promotions, positive reviews from Google maps, and positive reviews from your Facebook company page.

Ultimately, Trust Activity increases your conversions exponentially and so it is the most trusted tool.

2) Build Beautiful Website Popus

With Trust Activity, you can easily and quickly build contextual popups, bars, and banners for your desktop and mobile visitors. Moreover, Trust Activity popup builder lets you collect emails and phone numbers, and giveaway coupon codes all in a matter of minutes. Also, you do not need any developer or designer. So no doubt it is a tool with ease.

3) Other Features

Trust Activity has a myriad of other features including language translation, live visitor count, custom rules and timing, library of sleek popup templates for Widget designing. With all these features, Trust Activity shows real time proofs to your customers.

Trust Activity Coupon & Pricing

As you can see, Trust Activity offers a myriad of pricing options to fit different needs. Before looking into it, check out exclusive Trust Activity Coupon Code here!

Micro Plan: Charges $19 a month or $190 a year plus 2 free months. This package is ideal for small businesses looking to grow their conversions. You can expect perks like 10,000 limit on unique visitors per month, all settings and 24/7 support, unlimited notifications, and a single domain.

Small Plan: Valued at $49 per month or $490 a year plus 2 months free. Small Plan is for growing companies. For this subscription, you will have a 50,000 limit on unique visitors per month, the same features as the Micro Plan plus 3 domains.

Medium Plan: Costs $119 every month or $1190 per year plus 2 free months. This package is ideal for companies with advanced needs. This subscription offers a 500,000 limit on unique visitors per month, all settings plus 24/7 support, unlimited notifications, and a single domain.

Custom Plan: Valued at $299 per month or $2990 a year plus 2 free months. This package is suited for large audiences with custom integration needs. For this subscription, you’ll get up to 5million unique visitors per month, VIP service, unlimited notifications, and a single domain.

Get Trust Activity Coupon Code Today!

Finally, Trust Activity is a definite must-have tool for companies looking to grow their conversions. Buy this incredible tool at reduced rates. For this, check out  Trust Activity Coupon Code – use ACTRUSTACTIVITY only here and save more. Have you ever used Trust Activity? What is your experience? Share with us below.