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About TransferWise

TransferWise is a secure, cheap, and quick way to send money abroad. All you need to do is create an account, choose the amount to send and send! TransferWise boasts the cheapest rate and no hidden fees. Plus, your money is exchanged based on real-time exchange rates. Readmore
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Get £50 And Free International Transfer Up To £500 with TransferWise Today!
  • Personal and Multi-currency Accounts
  • Safety & Security
  • Fees
  • Customer Support
  • User Experience

TransferWise Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ TransferWise is a cheap and fast way to send money abroad. TransferWise uses real-time exchange rates to convert your money and according to their website, they are 8x cheaper than leading UK high street banks. With TransferWise, expect utmost transparency and no hidden fees except minimal upfront charges – “


  • Unparalleled transparency
  • You get true mid-market exchange rates
  • Efficient, inexpensive service
  • Outstanding customer care
  • Timeline guarantee 24 to 48 hours


  • Larger transfers process can be limiting and exhausting
  • You can only send money to a bank account

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TransferWise Coupon – Transfer money globally from anywhere at anytime by purchasing TransferWise at very low cost.

Are you looking for the easiest way to transfer money online using your bank account? TransferWise is what you need to have. It comes with handy benefits as the recipient does not necessarily have to own a TransferWise account.

What is TransferWise?


TransferWise is an international online platform that allows you to send, spend money, and receive payments through an online account. With this account, you can make a bank transfer using a borderless account. TransferWise then receives the transfer and changes the currencies to the needed ones.

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TransferWise Features


TransferWise has quality features that make it competitive to other forms of online money transfer. Some of the features include;

1) Availability of Banking Features

TransferWise offers features that are similar to that of a bank. What lacks in TransferWise is additional features provided by digital banks. Like a high street bank, with TransferWise, you cannot set a monthly budget, but on the other hand, it provides no interest in your savings. Additionally, you cannot request money or send money to other users for free and so much more.

 2) Multiple Top-Up Methods

TransferWise allows for a variety of top-up methods. Some of the ways that you can use to transfer money include using apple pay, bank transfer a well as debit or credit cards.

 3) Availability of Mobile Apps

TransferWise has mobile apps for iPad and other android devices. These apps allow you to send money from any point anywhere in the world with access to the internet. These apps also allow you to check the status of your transfer and cancel them if you have to.

The app allows setting up the amount of lock transfer on currency routes available and setting up new transfers with previously used details and recipients. You also get to invite friends to TransferWise through the app. Further on, you pay via Apple Pay or Google Pay as well as send verification documents.

TransferWise Coupon & Pricing


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The costs incurred in a TransferWise account are numerous, but some are free. The account opening and maintenance of a TransferWise account is free. It also offers free TransferWise bank cards and free delivery. Some of the cost incurred is as follow;

  • Free withdrawal from ATM up to £200/Mo and cost 2% above this amount
  • A currency exchange fee of 0.35% to 2.0% depending on the currency
  • A transfer fee of €0.5 to €2.0 for international transfers but free to the same currency as your TransferWise account.

Claim TransferWise Coupon Now!

Lastly, TransferWise is the best money transfer method for both individuals and business in a fast and safe way. It offers a variety of features and provides multi-currency accounts. Have you tried TransferWise? If not, redeem TransferWise Coupon Code now and enjoy the benefits. Kindly share your experience.