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About TrafficShield

TrafficShield is a cloaking platform designed to keep all unwanted traffic from your website. You can block unwanted visitors, competitors, VPN users, scrapers, and bots. Additionally, TrafficShield allows you to cloak your money page. Advertisers who promote blackhat niches appreciate a cloaker that displays a safe page. Readmore
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TrafficShield Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ TrafficShield is a top-notch cloaker that lets you block all unwanted traffic while allowing you to advertise blackhat websites like dating, gambling, and health on social media platforms. TrafficShield cloaks your money page with a safe page displayed to moderators while the other users see your money page – “


  • Blocks scrapers, bots, and hackers
  • DNS redundancy for maximum uptime
  • Avoid Google reverse DNS penalties
  • Significantly reduces server loads


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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


TrafficShield Coupon Code – Get rid of unwanted bots, fake traffic and other fraudulent activities today by using TrafficShield!

Many individuals and organizations have created various websites that are meant to move their businesses forward. They may face bad traffic due to information hacking which can be very dangerous to the life of their operations. In this regard, they require a tool that will help them solve this problem and move ahead of their competitors. TrafficShield is what they need.

What is TrafficShield?


TrafficShield is a platform or software used to allow users to cloak their webpages and also block bots and bad traffic. It works by concealing users’ footprints so that admins, moderators, and bots see the safe page only. TrafficShield works together with cloaking methods such as JavaScript, PHP integration, Shortener, and WordPress integration.

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TrafficShield Features


TrafficShield has various features and the key ones are explained below:

1) Comprehensive Service Delivery

TrafficShield is a powerful software providing comprehensive service delivery to its users. You will have total coverage of all your digital footprints when you start using TrafficShield platform. It will also enhance to block some of the following;

  • Admins and moderators.
  • Bots and crawlers.
  • Bad traffic from hosting and VPS servers, satellite providers, data centers among others.

2) Secure and Fast Internet

TrafficShield will provide a safe and secure internet which is the dream of every website user. It does this by hosting on Cloud Service and using load balancing to ensure that no latency is available. Save your time with fast internet and improve sales thus experiencing more revenue from your operations.

3) Works with Popular Trackers

TrafficShield ensures that users only associate with popular trackers in their operations. This feature allows you to avoid inactive trackers and therefore you can monitor and work with your favorite trackers. This software include Thrive, Red Track, Voluum and FunnelFlux to support trackers.

TrafficShield Coupon & Pricing


TrafficShield offers two different kinds of pricing based either on traffic amount or campaigns. Save more on this purchase using TrafficShield Coupon Code – ACTRAFFICSHIELD today!

Let’s start with those of traffic amount;

10k Traffic €199/Mo gives you access to all networks and unlimited active campaigns.

50k Traffic €499/Mo gives you unlimited active campaigns and access to all networks.

100k Traffic €999/Mo gives you access to all networks, unlimited active campaigns, and advanced support.

The pricing plans per number of campaigns are as follows;

5 Campaigns €349/Mo with unlimited traffic per month and access to all networks.

10 Campaigns €599/Mo with unlimited traffic per month and access to all networks.

20 Campaigns €1.019/Mo with advanced support, unlimited traffic per month, and access to all networks.

Unlimited Campaigns €1.499/Mo has unlimited access to all features.

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Traffic Shield is the best software and both small and advanced businesses embrace it to enhance expansion. What is your experience with TrafficShield? Redeem TrafficShield Coupon Code now, use it and share your experience with us.