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About Traffic Armor

Traffic Armor is a platform providing cloaking services to website owners. You can now quickly and effectively block unwanted visitors. All the testing is done behind-the-scenes so your visitors will never know why they were blocked. Traffic Armor blocks unwanted visitors, spy tools, competitors, bots, and bots. Readmore
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  • Blacklist Customization

Traffic Armor Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ Traffic Armor is a powerful cloaker that blocks unwanted visitors in minutes! Traffic Armor says it can protect your website with its powerful and flexible traffic filtering system. Quickly blacklist spy tools, competitors, VPN users, scrapers, and bots. Also, you can just redirect visitors based on GEO – “


  • Extremely fast checks
  • Easy set up
  • Affordable
  • Great customer support


  • None so far

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Traffic Armor Coupon Code – Monitor incoming traffic and blacklist unwanted users entering your websites!

Are you leading an online business and you are facing problems with those who visit your site? Start using Traffic Armor and see a difference. You will secure your website and have a safe business. With a safe website, you will also earn more money as the maintenance cost will below.

What is Traffic Armor?

Traffic Armor is a platform that allows you to identify unwanted visitors in your website and block them if necessary. It works with the help of such tools like a spy tool to identify them. Traffic Armor allows you to get information about your competitors and fraudulent visitors.

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Traffic Armor Features

Traffic Armor has several key features as listed below:

1) No Technical Skills Needed

Traffic Armor is set in such a way that anyone can use it with a lot of ease. What is required is just a little training and you are good to go. This feature is enabled as you can control everything you are working for from an intuitive interface. It also enables routing as you will just paste a single line of code into your website.

2) Massive Capacity and Redundancy

Traffic Armor enables multiple operations with just one click. The user can process millions of visitors each day with a lot of ease. It also prevents downtime in case of outages as the network is fully redundant. When you have this in your business, you will be assured of success.

3) Unnoticeable Visitor Testing

Traffic Armor allows all tests to be performed behind the scenes. This helps you to block your followers without them realizing it. The tool also has full transparency making it easy to see the number of blocked visitors and reasons for blocking.

Traffic Armor Coupon & Pricing

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The Small package costs $129 and offers $0.004 cost per click, it is ideal for less than 1000 daily clicks and offers 32500 clicks.

The Medium package costs $299 and offers $0.002 cost per click, is ideal for <50,000 daily clicks and has 150,000 clicks.

The Large package costs $599 and grants $0.001 cost per click, is ideal for <20,000 daily clicks and has 599,000 clicks.

The Biweekly package costs $599 with a 2 billings commitment, $0.0009 per click, ideal for <50,000 daily clicks and 665,000 clicks.

The Weekly package costs $599 with a 4 billing commitment, $0.00085 cost per click, ideal for <100,000 daily clicks 705,000 clicks.

The Daily package costs $599 per Click with a 7 day commitment, $0.0008 cost per click, ideal for <750,000 daily clicks, and 750,000 clicks.

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Traffic Armor is the best platform for website users who want to excel free from fraudulent. If you haven’t tried Traffic Armor, this is the best time to do so. So don’t wait! Grab Traffic Armor Coupon Code now to avail benefits! Share your experience below.