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About TrackingDesk

TrackingDesk makes tracking and traffic management easy! Even though its meant for affiliates and media buyers, it can track pretty much any kind of traffic. You can easily integrate it with most affiliate networks and traffic sources. TrackingDeask comes with advanced features including Fallbacking, and Multi Attribution Readmore
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TrackingDesk Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ TrackingDesk enables all affiliate marketers and media buyers to manage all their affiliate programs, traffic sources, and offers from a single platform. TrackingDesk focuses on Conversion Tracking which means tracking Traffic Sources and Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks and Advertisers, Landing Pages and Funnels plus, over 30 predefined parameters- “


  • Shows you traffic segments that are most integral to your business
  • Gives you a better idea of which traffic sources and campaigns are generating more ROI
  • Grants you comprehensive control under one roof.
  • You can add or remove multiple landing pages in a single click
  • Provides actionable insights into your traffic, conversions, and revenue


  • It is incredibly advanced which is challenging for anyone who isn’t tech-savvy.
  • You can’t cloak links into a short customized version

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


TrackingDesk Coupon Code – Get the best cloud based affiliate tracking management solution at lowest rates!

Tracking is the only way to determine if you are making a profit. Every business needs good tracking software to take care of the arduous task of measuring, managing, and optimizing marketing campaigns to ensure every cent of your investment is being properly utilized. And if you are in the market for tracking software, TrackingDesk is among the best options you have.

What is TrackingDesk?


TrackingDesk is a conversion attribution and tracking platform performance marketers use to measure, optimize, and manage paid and organic traffic. This platform incorporates dozens of affiliate networks, ad networks, and eCommerce platforms. At the same time, it provides the perfect flow of data across any marketing stack. So no doubt ii is one among the best tracking tools.

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Features of TrackingDesk

Features of TrackingDesk

TrackingDesk sports great and unbeatable features that have contributed to its popularity today. Some of these features include;

1) Campaign Management

TrackingDesk has a campaign management interface that allows you to connect landing pages, traffic sources, and offers. This is where you apply landing page rotation, targeting rules and funnels, and traffic distribution. Some of the services you get under this feature include: Smart Linking campaigns, Landing Page Rotation, Smart Call to Action, and Organic Tracking Scripts among others.

2) Traffic Sources and Ad Networks

The configuration of your advertising channels is the beginning of your perfect attribution and tracking. There are many services that come under this feature some of which include; dozens of incorporated Traffic Sources, more than 30 predefined parameters, Conversion Goal Mapping, and support for Webhooks among others.

3) Analytics and Reports

The Analytics modules of TrackingDesk provide you with actionable insights on the performance of your campaigns.  This helps you to make quick and prudent decisions that boost your ROI. With the analytics and Reports module, you will be able to identify top converting offers and compare multiple campaigns among other things.

TrackingDesk Pricing & TrackingDesk Coupon

TrackingDesk Pricing

Until recently, TrackingDesk was offering the below pricing plans.

Personal Plan: Costs $50 per month and offers you up to 100 thousand Tracked Events/month Average $0.1 CPM.

Affiliate Plan: This is the most popular and it costs $100/month. The affiliate option offers you Up to 1.5M Tracked Events/month Average $0.03 CPM.

Super Affiliate Plan: Costs you $200/month and offers you up to 5M tracked events/month Average 0.03 CPM.

However, now their website says registration is closed for now. We shall inform you of any further developments.

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