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About Toodledo

Toodledo is a top-notch tool that increases your productivity and organizes to-do-lists. Additionally you can take notes and sync them to any device with ease. With Toodledo, you will be able to track the priority, start date, due date, time, length or status of a task, assign the task to a folder, context or goal, get audible popup alarms, etc. Readmore
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Toodledo Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code

“ Toodledo is a set of excellent productivity increasing tools that lets you manage all your tasks efficiently. You can take notes, create custom lists and structured outlines of all your tasks. It allows effective collaboration with your friends and family. This tool easily connects people. You can share tasks, assign and track the progress of your team. – “


  • Very affordable
  • Can import tasks via CSV
  • Offers calendar view for tasks
  • Great integration
  • Has email to task feature


  • Very slow servers
  • Alarm doesn’t work if you are not on your desktop
  • Tracking multiple tasks at the same time is not easy

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Time utilization is of high importance for any business to improve and keep track on productivity. To-do list creating apps help businesses to manage time effectively. One such tool is Toodledo which is a convenient way to keep track of things. This review will tell you all about Toodledo. Luckily your are here! Know why? We are offering an incredible Toodledo Coupon Code with which you can save up to 75% on your total spends on Toodledo. Claim it immediately!

What is Toodledo?


Toodledo is an outstanding tool to create to-do lists. Besides it also allows you to store your notes, outlines and habits. You can access your data on any device or browser. It will keep everything up to date with automatic syncing. Toodledo effectively improves your productivity. Also it lets you to personalize your workspace any way you want to make you as efficient as possible.

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Toodledo Features

Toodledo Features

1) Customization

Toodledo allows you to customize almost anything in your Toodledo settings to control what, when and how data is displayed. You can import and export existing data from other applications with ease. You can use powerful search tool to filter your data. Plus you can personalize your workspace any way you want.

2) Powerful Syncing Across Devices

With Toodledo, you can effectively sync your notes across any device such as Apple iOS, Desktop, Mobile or Tablet. It offers different applications for different devices. After you record a task on your mobile device, it can be readily made available on your desktop or apple device just by making use of automatic sync feature.

3) Alarms/Reminders

In addition to note taking and creating to-do lists, Toodledo also lets you to set reminders. You can set a customizable alarm for a task and Toodledo will remind you via email, or in its mobile apps when it is due. With location based alarms, Toodledo can even remind you when you are near a location where you have tasks to do.

Toodledo Coupon and Pricing


Toodledo offers three pricing plans apart from its Free plan. The cost details of Toodledo are provided below.

Free Plan – Toodledo’s basic version is completely free.

Standard Plan – It costs $2.99 per month. It includes all the features of free plan plus unlimited tasks, device syncs, simple alarms, 5 habits, and more.

Plus Plan – Costs $4.99 per month. It includes all the features of standard plan plus 100 items per list, 20 habits, custom alarms, app integrations and so on.

Business Plan – You get customized prices for this plan and for more details you have to contact the Toodledo customer support.

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No doubt, Toodledo is a powerful to-do-list creating tool. Its features are no lesser than any other tool belonging to the same niche. There are a lot of customization options in Toodledo to make it work the way you want. So without any further delay catch our exclusive 75% Toodledo Coupon Code immediately before it expires. Use Toodledo and share your experiences with us.