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About SkySilk

SkySilk is the first and foremost affordable cloud service platform that offers great features. It works on dedicated cloud computing technology and has got a variety of developer tools to deploy and manage your hosting servers. Readmore
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SkySilk Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code

“ SkySilk relatively offers managed cloud hosting. It has 1-click VPS hosting templates with which you can easily configure your server with 40+ options for Linux OS Distros, other applications and tools. It also ensures whether you have got the exact cloud VPS environment that best suits your project. SSD cloud server deployment, auto backup, flexible resource options, triple replicated SSD & premium infrastructure are some of its key features. – “


  • Cheap Cloud hosting
  • Fast AMD hardware
  • Friendly Support
  • Easy to use
  • Full root access to servers


  • No EU/Asia server locations
  • Not suitable for large organizations

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
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People usually look for VPS providers before starting any online business. This is because, its benefits are really amazing. SkySilk is one such VPS provider. In this review, let us see in detail about this great cloud solution. But before you proceed further, don’t forget to redeem our SkySilk Promo Code with which you can save up to 80% on its pricing plans. 

What is SkySilk?

SkySilk and SkySilk Promo Code

SkySilk is a powerful cloud hosting solution that offers VPS services. It is a cloud service provider which offers not only simple but also scalable and affordable cloud computing solutions. It provides a range of tools and unlimited access to their services. The other VPS provider tools which are free are not enough power that gives usage of their tools and services for free. SkySilk is more cloud computing resources in a fraction of cost. Its cloud resources can be used at any layer of the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS models.

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SkySilk Features

SkySilk Features

1) Auto Backups & Snapshots

Automatic backups and file storage are the well known uses of cloud services. SkySilk has this best-in-class feature that can automate your back ups on a weekly basis and thus all your data are stored safely in VPS cloud. 

Snapshots is another widely used feature of SkySilk. The software takes napshots in order to keep your data secure or revert back to a previous state.

2) 1-Click Installation of Apps & Security

SkySilk offers one-click installation of awesome web applications like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and many more web scripts. The cloud services provider is currently in the beta stage and this is the only reason why SkySilk is providing services at a very low price. The cloud services take care of your data as they have built-in Antivirus and firewall system installed. The designers of the tool have kept security in their mind and ensuring high services for the customer.

3) Monitor VPS usage in Real-Time

Staying updated on virtual server metrics is an important aspect of keeping any cloud environment running flawlessly. SkySilk’s monitoring VPS usage feature shows the resource usage for 

  • CPU usage,
  • RAM
  • and SSD/NVMe Storage

Without actually looking into the machine, you can get all the insights provided by the cloud environment.

SkySilk Coupon Code and Pricing


SkySilk VPS offers three pricing plans namely

Basic – Costs $2 per month.

Standard – Costs $5 per month.

Premium – Costs $10 per month.

SkySilk is the only platform that offers the best ever VPS at more affordable prices. If you wish to save more on its pricing plan, claim our SkySilk Coupon Code today!

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SkySilk provides cloud VPS services to businesses of all sizes. Its pricing plans also seem to be very cheap compared to any other cloud VPS services. It has good features and access to all tools and services that is required for almost all of the websites. SkySilk protects your data and makes a triple replicated backups which prevent in any loss of data by performing scheduled backups at regular intervals for free. What else do you want? Our SkySilk Promo Code awaits! Make use of it soon before it expires!