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About SEOPressor

SEOPressor is a SEO optimization plugin focused on WordPress SEO. With SEOPressor, you can maximize SEO clarity on your WordPress website, optimize up to 3 keywords, get On-Point SEO suggestions, include semantic LSI keywords, and maximize machine readability. SEOPressor boasts a revolutionary Google-Emulating On-Page SEO Analysis Algorithm. Readmore
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SEOPressor Coupons
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SEOPressor Coupons and Discounts 2022

“  SEOPressor is an SEO plugin designed to give you maximum clarity on your WordPress website. With a host of customization options and optimization features, SEOPressor will help you control your WordPress SEO with ease. On-Page Analysis, SEO Intelligence, Semantic Builder, Crawler Control, and Link Management are SEOPressor features – “


  • Simple to use; all you need is a self-hosted WordPress website
  • Definitely one of the cheapest SEO optimization plugins available
  • Constant updates to improve the tool
  • Provides actionable SEO insights
  • Helps you to analyse your website like a guru


  • SEOPressor is not exactly comprehensive meaning it will only cater to On-Page optimization and not much else
  • Limit of target keywords is 3.
  • No free version

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


SEOPressor Coupon Code – Buy the ultimate WordPress SEO plugin that helps in boosting your website’s search engine rankings at very much reduced cost.

Are you seeking a platform where you can have your posts on a single page for easy monitoring?  Do you want maximum control and clarity over your WordPress sites? SEOPressor is what you need. What else can SEOPressor offer you?

What is SEOPressor?


SEOPressor is a tool that gathers SEO essential intelligence in one place for your website. With this SEO plugin, you can have on-page optimization of your pages and blog posts. SEOPressor is one of the most effective Plugins with more than 10 million WordPress pages. For sure, it will increase the rankings by optimizing the website highly for search engines. 

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SEOPressor Features

SEOPressor Features

SEOPressor has certain features which makes it more preferable than others as listed below:

1) On-Page Optimization Tool

SEOPressor helps you to easily optimize your content thus getting more visitors to your site. It helps you to optimize your blogs and pages and enhance better ranking searches. SEOPressor can optimize your content in three ways;

  • LSI keywords suggestions
  • SEOPressor score
  • Suggested optimization

2) Multiple Keyword Analysis

SEOPressor allows users to optimize multiple keywords thus giving them a chance to rank other related keywords. Other SEO forms do not have the feature to rank and optimize multiple keywords.

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3) Managing Your Website Links

SEOPressor gives you the feature of managing your links thus become a SEO expert. With this feature you can do such things like;

  • Managing your sitewide links.
  • Automatic linking of affiliate links.
  • Finding broken links.
  • Managing your outbound links.
  • Knowing the status of your links.

4) Improved Rankings with LSI Keywords

SEOPressor gives better search rankings on your website using this feature. Using LSI keywords have certain benefits such as;

  • Get high quality visitors from your search.
  • Get more traffic from a wide range of keywords.
  • Increasing your search engine traffic.
  • Optimize content without keyword stuffing.

SEOPressor Coupon & Pricing


Before checking the pricing plans, here’s an opportunity to buy SEOPressor at low cost! Grab the SEOPressor Coupon Code  soon!

SEOPressor pricing comes in two major forms; one that is free forever but has unlimited sites.

Proform has unlimited sites plus one-year updates & support. Plus, you can cancel at any time. Pro has a constant renewal fee which does not change even if price increases. Here are what these pricing packages have to offer:

Free Package: Costs $0. You will be entitled to Titles and metal, HTML sitemap, XML sitemap, Installation wizard, Content analysis, Google tag manager, no ads, and no anonymous data collection and many more

Pro Package: Valued at $9. You get all the tools offered in the free version plus Google local business, Google XML video sitemap, Google news sitemap, Managed default WordPress RSS, Easy digital downloads, and Woo Commerce among other awesome features.

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