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About RunCloud

RunCloud is a powerful control panel for cloud servers. It offers managed cloud hosting from an easy-to-use control panel. It has great UI, A-grade performance, affordable pricing and much more. Readmore
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RunCloud Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code & Discount Code 2021

“ RunCloud is a SaaS based PHP cloud server control panel. It supports Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, Vultr, Azure and other custom VPS. It is one of the best designed, very intuitive, high performing and reasonably priced cloud control panel. It offers automatic server configuration, reliable storage, powerful deployment and provides privileges for trusted users. – “


  • Cheap for multiple or larger servers
  • Automatic server setup
  • Speed optimization options
  • 1-click SSL from Let’s Encrypt
  • 1-click WordPress installation


  • No proper support
  • No phpMyAdmin installed

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Searching for an effective platform to manage your servers with ease? If yes, RunCloud is the one. It allows you to easily deploy a server with automated configurations, yet still provides the freedom and flexibility you desire to customize a server to your own needs. In this review let’s see about this developer control panel. But before that, don’t fail to check out our 65% RunCloud Promo Code that will save your spending.

What exactly is RunCloud?

RunCloud and RunCloud Promo Code

RunCloud is the No.1 cloud panel for developers. It is a lightweight control panel for server management and offers zero downtime deployment. RunCloud is a faster, secure and modern web server panel that is focused on your web application. Either you are using Laravel, Code Igniter, Cake, WordPress, CMS or custom baked PHP application, you can easily integrate the applciation with RunCloud.

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RunCloud Features

RunCloud Features

1) Server Management

RunCloud allows you to effectively manage your servers with ease. No matter it might be 1 server or thousands of servers, you can effortlessly manage it in few clicks. It allows you to maintain full control of your server and host multiple WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel, and PHP applications with fast and easy configuration.

2) Security

RunCloud ensures customer data security. It offers product security that includes two-factor authentication, SSH key authentication, Permission levels, Password and credential storage, etc. Its Network and application security features include firewall control, 1-click free SSL, strict port control, IP whitelisting and so on. Also you can add advanced security to your credit cards and web applications.

3) Incremental Backups

RunCloud offers incremental backups that

  • Create multiple backup variations for one Web Application/Database.
  • Exclude File, Folder, and Database Table that you don’t want to backup.
  • Label your backups for easy identification.
  • Customize backup frequency (min 30 minutes and max 1 week)
  • Schedule your backup.
  • Backup retention up to 1 month.
  • Restore on the same domain name or different domain name.
  • Restore to RunCloud Test Domain

RunCloud Coupon Code & Pricing

RunCloud Coupon Code and Pricing

RunCloud offers three pricing plans and their cost details are as follows:

Basic Plan – It costs $6.67 per month for 1 server.

Pro Plan – It costs $12.5 per month for unlimited servers.

Business Plan – Costs $37.5 per month. It includes all the features of Basic plan, Pro plan and other advanced features.

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Obviously, RunCloud has so much to offer to web developers and website owners. RunCloud runs your cloud servers in optimal configurations. With a beautiful interface and countless powerful features, it serves as the No.1 platform for managing servers. So without any delay, redeem our exclusive RunCloud Promo Code! You will definitely enjoy huge price reductions by making use of our discount code. So don’t miss this insane deal. Use RunCloud and please share your experiences with us.