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About RTX Platform

RTX Platform is a traffic solution platform that only deals with quality converting traffic. RTX uses captivating Ad units, fully customizable campaigns, and traffic that converts at massive scale for any offer. Plus, you can earn by leveraging RTX's monetization solutions for website owners and software developers. Readmore
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RTX Platform Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ RTX Platform is a leading traffic source that promises quality traffic that converts. According to the website, RTX is the leading exchange for performance marketers. It says that you can supercharge your ROI and grow your audience with  captivating Ad units, fully customizable campaigns, and traffic that converts – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Industry-leading RPMs
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Cross-device compatibility
  • User-friendly range of Ads


  • Rough for beginners

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


RTX Platform Coupon Code – Increase your revenue by accessing the RTX Platform which helps you to gain profits through push and full page ads.

Here is how to grow your digital business by maximizing every impression and grow your ROI. RTX Platform will be of great help in this venture.

What is the RTX Platform?

RTX Platform

RTX platform is a tool for marketers, which makes you reach out to the right people and increase your earnings. The RTX platform makes your campaigns attract people, make captivating ads, and adds popups to your sites to engage with your visitors. Additionally, the RTX platform lets you choose the devices where you want your campaigns to be displayed.

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RTX Platform Features

RTX Platform Features

Here are some of the features contained in the RTX platform;

1) Conversion Boost

A conversion boost is an automated optimization tool. RTX platform offers it in three different qualities. High quality will give you a maximum of 10 times chances of conversion.  However, it is way too expensive compared to the low quality.

The middle quality increases conversions by three, and it is three times expensive compared to the low quality. To ensure conversion boost works, you will need to set up conversion tracking in the RTX platform.

2) Domain Targeting and Keyword

Adding a keyword to track your campaigns is the most beneficial feature that the RTX platform offers. Domain targeting is the most efficient way of targeting both root domains and subdomains.

Domain targeting employs a precise match, for example, if you are targeting (halflife.com), the traffic that you will get will be from visitors of halflife.com only.

3) Category Targeting

To use this feature, you will need to first pick a category that will ensure that your offer gets to audiences that are currently on related sites. If you have no keywords targets, this can be useful for you and also if you want to use run of traffic.

4) RTX Token Tracking

This platform has tokens that are useful in tracking and optimizing your campaigns, for instance, {bid} tracking token.

RTX Platform Coupon & Pricing


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The RTX platform offers a cost per click where you pay when someone clicks on your ad, cost per view where you pay according to the number of views and cost per mile.

All the schemes require you to make a minimum deposit of $500 the first time you pay, and from then on you can make 100 USD payments.

All plans include analytics, URL targets, and domains target.

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With the RTX platform, you will be able to monitor your ad campaigns and evaluate their performance. You are also offered a platform to give your visitors packages, which will make them purchase more of your products.

With keywords, you will be able to run campaigns easily and effectively. You can also target a particular audience. Redeem RTX Platform Coupon Code and enjoy $2500 discount. What is your experience with the RTX platform? Please share your views.