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About Refersion

Refersion is a well-thought-out Affiliate Management Program. You can just set it up and let it run. You'll be able to track clicks and commissions as well as your affiliates' payout and referrals in real time. Plus, automation means you can focus on business as Refersion self-runs! Readmore
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Refersion review by AFFcoupons

  • Pros
  • Cons
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  • Automation
  • Real-Time Results
  • Integrations with Platforms
  • Affiliate Recruitment
  • Visible Payment Structures

Refersion Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code & Discounts

“Refersion is a powerful Affiliate Management software. Automate your Affiliate Signups and keep track of clicks and commissions in real time, affiliate sales, and their respective channels. Plus as an affiliate, monitor the companies with new offers.  Grab Refersion to experience simple affiliate marketing and integration in minutes! – “


  • Simple dashboard, easy to use
  • Seamless Integration with platforms
  • Easy onboarding of future affiliates
  • Great customer support
  • Reports based on real-time data


  • No cross-device tracking
  • Pricey
  • You have to hire a developer to do your backend coding

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Refersion Coupon Code – ACREF50 is here for you! Make your email marketing campaigns more effective with SendInBlue!

Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry. More and more affiliate marketers join the pool as more companies bite the bullet and initiate affiliate marketers into their fold. For these reasons, the demand for competent affiliate management software is on the rise. None is better than Refersion and here is why.

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What is Refersion?


Refersion is a powerful affiliate management platform that simplifies advanced affiliate marketing. In a word, you can manage, track, and grow your affiliate network and promotions fast and easy. With Refersion, your affiliates can easily sign-up while you whip up offers, track conversions,  and calculate commissions easy peasy.

Perhaps the best way to understand Refersion is to explore the features.

Refersion Features

Enjoy all the below mentioned features by making use of our Refersion Coupon Code – ACREF50 today.

1) Signup Affiliates

Refersion makes it really easy for affiliates to sign up. In truth, you have to create the offers first. Each offer corresponds to a unique signup form. This way, it is easy to categorize affiliates according to the offer they’re promoting. Also, Refersion provides two ways in which the offer can be shared for more signups.

2) Manage Conversions

Refersion’s tracking capabilities are legendary. You can track sales by coupon code, email, and SKUs. These conversion triggers provide an array of ways for affiliates to push conversions.

Also, you can manage all your conversions from the Refersion dashboard. It goes as far as to indicate the latest notifications about pending affiliates, pending conversions, and pending payments so you can stay updated.

3) Send Payments

Refersion allows you two ways to pay commissions; PayPal or Gift Cards. The PayPal option is easily integrated so you can complete a payment with a few clicks. Plus, you can make bulk payments if you need to.

4) Run and Schedule Detailed Reports

Refersion generates reports depending on your preference. You can view or schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports instantly or choose to have them forwarded to your email.

Refersion Coupon & Pricing

Refersion Pricing

As you can see, Refersion offers two types of packages, Professional and Enterprise.

Professional Plan : Costs $89 a month with a limit of 130 affiliate orders a month.

Enterprise Plan : Comes with customized pricing depending on your business’ specific needs.

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Refersion is definitely a great service to try especially if you are an SME looking for the perfect scalable affiliate management system. It is affordable and easy to use as well as widely adaptable. Use Refersion Coupon Code – ACREF50 now to buy this amazing tool. What are your thoughts on Refersion? Let us know in the comment section.