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About PureLander

PureLander is an incredibly feature-rich landing page builder. Features include Count down, Exit popup, vibration, on-screen Javascript message alert, timed visitor redirect, landing page imports, and making an entire page clickable no matter where the user is pointing among others. PureLander makes conversion boosting easy and fast. Readmore
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PureLander Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ PureLander is a landing page builder focused on affiliates doing CPA marketing. PureLander seeks to build every landing page into a highly-converting page with its list of awesome features. You have Landing Page Ripper, Landing Page importer, Disable Back Button(40), Count Down feature, Exit Popup, and Audio Alerts – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Wealth of top-converting landing pages
  • Audio capabilities so you can speak to your visitors
  • Great countdown feature
  • Mobile vibration to push CTAs
  • Timed visitor redirect


  • None so far

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


PureLander Coupon Code – Get attractive landing pages focused on conversion using PureLander, the best CPA marketing platform.

What is PureLander?


PureLander provides you with features that are aimed at making your landing page better. With PureLander, you can customize the look of your site, customize popups on your landing page, add notification option, show your users to other pages, and save information of your visitors.  PureLander offers you a countdown feature you can place on your landing page or on other parts of your site.

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PureLander Features


Some of the PureLander features:

1) Countdown

This feature is like a stopwatch, it starts at the number you designate, and it counts to zero. This is an effective plot because it creates a sense of urgency, which might encourage a page visitor to click without a second thought.

They will be curious about your offer, so they will not think about leaving your page. You can add this countdown features to any part of your page.

2) Exit Pop Up

You will still have a chance to engage the visitor if he/she has not yet left your page. Exit pop is an excellent way to give your visitors another chance to have a look at your offer.

This feature can also be used for your mobile phone and desktop. Apply PureLander Coupon Code now & enjoy all these features.

3) Detect Browser and Device Information

Tracking and gathering data is a major part of affiliate marketing. PureLander detects the browser and device information you will be able to collect and review all the important data.

When you know which ones are working best with your traffic, you can keep your eyes on that audience. Getting information with PureLander is a breeze.

4) Add Audio

This feature allows you to speak to your visitors through an audio message.

PureLander Coupon & Pricing


PureLander is affordable since it does not require to be paid monthly and is ideal for everyone.

It offers one pricing scheme, which costs 25 USD for six months, and you will be provided with all the tools you need to create an impressive landing page. Make use of PureLander Coupon now to claim more benefits!

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A landing page is a very important section of your website since it is the first thing users see when they visit your site, PureLander helps you create an eye-catching landing page at an affordable rate.

You have a choice to become an affiliate with PureLander, earning you 52% for each sale made using your referrals.  You can also add an exit popup option to your site. So why are you still waiting? Redeem PureLander Coupon Code immediately! What is your experience with PureLander? Please share your views.