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About ProveSource

ProveSource is one of the best social proof tools in the market. It grabs the customers' attention by creating a sense of trust for your business. At the same time, the constant notifications foster a sense of urgency to buy which may very well turn into sales. Readmore
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  • Detailed Analytics
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ProveSource Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ ProveSource is a social proof tool that works excellently to create an urgency for your visitors to buy from your website. By showing real-time statistics concerning other visitors’ activities on the site, ProveSource creates trust which makes it more likely that your visitors will turn into actual sales – “


  • Definitely increases conversions
  • Helps you depict a “busy” environment which in turn creates an “urgency” to buy.
  • Increases level of trust for your customers
  • Clean, easy to navigate dashboard – newbie-friendly
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Can run multiple campaigns simultaneously


  • No integration for Woocommerce
  • Limited customization

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


ProveSource Coupon Code – Buy the best social proof tool at an affordable cost!

Are you seeking to turn your website into sales and lead generating machine by displaying user actions in real time? Well, social proof notifications are how to do it and ProveSource is one of the top tools to help you achieve this.

What is ProveSource?


ProveSource is a marketing platform that helps businesses enhance online experience, boost conversions, and win the trust of their customers. It works by enabling users to leverage social proof not only as a psychological concept but also as a marketing strategy.

Different businesses can adopt this platform such as eCommerce, retail, and SaaS influencing buying decisions and more leads generated. This platform enhances an increase in conversions, showing app users and website visitors what others are buying.

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ProveSource Features

ProveSource Features

Prove source have certain key features some of which are listed below:

1) Social Proof Toolkit

ProveSource fancies itself the #1 social proof toolkit. And perhaps they are because they offer some pretty awesome display options including

  • Stream and product purchase stats showing individual activities carried out by other visitors
  • Reviews – positive reviews from Google maps, Facebook, and other sources.
  • Live visitors count bar
  • Combo – the count of a large number who did an action in the last past 24hours, 30 days, and so on.
  • Reiterate important information to your visitors to make them feel more welcome.
  • Page Visits – Show off your best-performing pages and inevitably drive traffic to them.

2) Track and Monitor

ProveSource carefully collects and logs all the clicks, impressions, hovers, leads, engaged visitors, engagement rates and so much more. With this information, you can deduce actionable intel to increase visitor engagements and improve the user experience on your website.

The resulting Analytics are easy to understand and you can even link them to Google Analytics. Also, ProveSource helps you keep track of conversions using webhooks and custom web forms. As a result, you can flag and block any malicious activity geared towards driving your customers and prospects into tunnels that aren’t genuine.

3) Create Notifications Easy and Fast

ProveSource provides a simple, easy, and beautiful wizard to help you create your notifications in a few simple steps. So that easily you get to choose your colours, control the timing, set the display rules, localization, images, and text.

ProveSource Coupon & Pricing

ProveSource Pricing

ProveSource offers various pricing plans. Each paying plan is entitled to a 14-day money-back guarantee. Claim ProveSource Coupon Code before looking into the pricing plans.

Free Plan: It’s Free! You’ll get unlimited impressions, all features, and great support

Starter Plan: Charges $21/Mo or $216/year plus 2 free months. This subscription offers unlimited notifications and impressions, 10k limit visitors per month, all features, and great support.

Growth Plan: Valued at $54/Mo or $540 per year plus 2 free months. You can expect a 50k limit on visitors per month, custom branding, stellar support, and all features

Monster Plan: Costs $109/Mo or $1092/ year . This plan affords you 200k visitors per month, monster support, and all features including unlimited notifications and impressions.

Gorilla Plan: Valued at $219/Mo or $2196/year.This plan allows up to 500k visitors per month in addition to all the other advanced features including support for gorillas and custom branding.

Unlimited Plan: Charges $1095 or $10,956/year. You get unlimited visitors per month, custom branding, and a dedicated support agent in addition to all the other features.

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As you see, ProveSource goes above and beyond to ensure you get all you need to turn your visitors into customers. Thus by using it you can surely gain high conversions. Have you tried ProveSource? If not, don’t miss this chance. Get exclusive ProveSource Coupon Code now. Use this great tool and share your experience with us in the comment section below.