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About PropellerAds

PropellerAds is a top CPM advertising network with which you can generate guaranteed income every day, if your traffic and its quality is stable. Propeller ads utilizes an unique algorithm that identifies fake traffic such as traffic exchange and auto surf among the other tools. Readmore
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PropellerAds Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code

“ PropellerAds is a powerful advertising platform that offers display, native, video, and mobile ads along with the affiliate services that helps you to gain high conversions. With this tool, you get paid for every 1,000 ad impressions you generate. It specializes in conversion focused ad campaigns having great features like automated ad optimization, fraud prevention and self serve platform.- “


  • Wide range of payment options
  • No minimum traffic requirement
  • Super easy to get started
  • Reporting is made simple
  • Shares 80% of the generated revenue with its publishers


  • Low CPM on the low-quality website
  • No header bidding
  • Does not support PayPal

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Online advertising is a great way in which you can generate traffic, whether it is a blog or an affiliate marketing site reviewing products. This is just one method and there are many more out available however ads can help generate targeted traffic which is exactly what you need to get conversions. PropellerAds is one such platform that helps you to gain high revenue. Heard about PropellerAds before? If not don’t worry. Below let’s take a look at this powerful platform. But before that don’t fail to redeem our 65% PropellerAds Promo Code!

What is PropellerAds?

PropellerAds + PropellerAds Promo Code

 PropellerAds is one of the largest source of Popunder traffic. It is one of the most popular and fastest-growing ad networks among bloggers who are known for timely payouts. Its interface is easy to usePropeller Ads offer various ad types:

  • PopUnder
  • Native Direct Ads
  • Interstitial mobile ads
  • Dialogue ads/Push up ads for mobile
  • Banner advertising for all standard size
  • Push notification ads

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PropellerAds Features


1) Automated Ad Optimization

PropellerAds is powered by AI optimization algorithm that automatically finds the right traffic for your offers so you can get conversions within your budget. It has two different campaign optimization techniques namely Creative-first optimization and Settings-first optimization. These can help you improve the performance of your ad and create a better experience for your audience.

2) Fraud Prevention

PopellerAds offers an effective ad fraud detection & prevention system that effectively identifies malicious activities and eliminate the threats. So that only real people can see and interact with your ads. It can prevent and block almost any type of fraud like bots. Fraudsters either cannot see and click the ad in general, or the system automatically cancels this impression, click or conversion.

3) Self-Serve Platform

The Self-Serve Advertising Platform of  PropellerAds presents advertisers and agencies with an intuitive and powerful interface that provides a more hands-on experience, where the setup and fine-tuning of campaigns can be accomplished anywhere at any time. With a strong focus on user experience, a self-service platform is a natural addition.

PropellerAds Coupon Code & Pricing

PropellerAds offers one of the lowest prices both per visitor (click) and per thousand impressions on the market. You can choose the most advantageous option for each campaign individually and choose one of four available pricing models for our advertisers: CPM, CPC, SmartCPM or CPA Goal 2.0. Its minimum CPC is only $0.005, and minimum CPM is $0.01. Apply PropellerAds Coupon Code to save more on your campaigns.

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Finally, PropellerAds is an effective self-service advertising platform. This is a pop traffic network and they have been operating for 7 years and have a database of 150k publishers. In terms of reach, they can bring in traffic from around the world and also claim that their ads bypass any ad blocking software while remaining unobtrusive. So without any further delays, claim our exclusive PropellerAds Promo Code now to make the most out of this platform! Hurry up! This is just a limited time offer!