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About Proof

Proof is a social marketing solution that takes care of any business that needs to boost trust. When visitors on the website see real-time statistics on the number of visitors on the site as well as the number of purchases made, it creates an urgency to buy. Readmore
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  • Automatic notifications
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Proof Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ Proof is a social marketing solution designed to increase website conversions by using social proof methods. It displays live activities and actions of other visitors on the website to boost trust in the products and as proof of sales. Ultimately, the pop-up creates an urgency to buy – “


  • Massively improves on-site conversions
  • Easy set-up and integration
  • No limit on the number of websites
  • A/B testing
  • 14-day free trial


  • It’s a learning curve
  • A bit expensive

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Proof Coupon Code – Buy Proof at unbelievable price and start increasing your conversion rate!

Gone are the days of industrial impersonal websites. Now, more marketers are looking to personalize their websites to make visitors feel more comfortable and increase conversions. There are a number of tools in the market to help you achieve this and one such tool is Proof. Introducing Proof.

What is Proof?


Proof is a software that assists businesses both small and big to increase website conversions through personalized social proof. It works by offering live visitor count, Hot Streaks, and Recent Activity notifications. This way, the visitors who were teetering on the verge of making a purchase can be convinced to do so. Proof also helps you to monitor the total number of people recently signed up, purchased, or viewed the page on your site. So this tool makes your job easy.

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Proof Features


Proof has certain key features some of which are listed below:

1) Personalization

Proof software provides personalization features which help you to achieve the following activities;

  • Custom targeting to show different versions based on any variables set up to be tracked on the site’s back end
  • Standard targeting help to deploy different versions of webpages based on user activity or demographics.
  • Profile storage duration to show amount of time users can be tracked.

2) Reporting

Proof provides the reporting features to enhance communication between you and your website visitors. In a word, this feature helps you to:

  • Access pre-built and custom reports and dashboard
  • Segment and break down users’ sequence actions, time, and demographics.
  • Access mobile optimization tools for tablet-version websites

3) In-page Analytics

Proof software provides in-page analysis to help you analyze heat maps to show where visitors are lingering, hovering and hesitating. Also it shows click reports to view total percentage and click rates for any link on a page, and session replays for videos showing user interactions on your site.

Proof Pricing & Proof Coupon

Proof Pricing

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Proof offers two different products with different pricing packages.

Experiences Product Pricing Options

  • Essentials Package: Goes for $599/Mo. This package is for marketers looking to personalize their existing website.
  • Growth Package: Valued at $799/Mo. This package is ideal for teams looking to add personalize elements with advanced integrations.
  • Scale Package: This is a custom package for companies who would like engineers and personalization experts to help.

Pulse Product Pricing Options

Pulse pricing depends on the number of unique visitors you get on your website per month.

Basic Plan: Costs $29/Mo and has a limit of 1k unique visitors per month

Pro Plan: Goes for $79/Mo and has a limit of 10k unique visitors per month

Business Plan: Valued at $129/Mo and carries a limit of 50k unique visitors a month

Premium Plan: Up to 100k unique visitors per month charging $199/Mo

Platinum Plan: Charges $299/Mo and has a limit of 300k unique visitors every month

Enterprise Plan: This is a custom package suited to your needs. Contact Proof for pricing.

According to the website, Proof offers a free trial for the Experiences product and not the Pulse product.

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Lastly, Proof is the best platform for E-commerce, marketing agencies, and companies across the board to grow their online business. Have you tried this Proof? If not, buy Proof today for improving your business. Claim 60% Proof Coupon Code – use ACPROOF only here! What is your experience? Tell us in the comment section below.