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About PowerAdSpy

With PowerAdSpy you can keep track on competitor campaigns across a large number of social platforms at the same time By having everything in one place you get to have better value for money and a clear way to keep track of what everyone is doing currently. Readmore
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  • Advanced Search and Filtering
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PowerAdSpy Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“PowerAdSpy is a powerful Facebook advertising analytics tool. It ensures you run FB, and INSTA ads that make you money. PowerAdSpy comes with power-packed features including complete visibility, filter by ad positions, data from millions of ads from 15+ countries, and filtering tools to narrow down your choices – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Spy on your competitors by tracking their creatives
  • Saves loads of time that would have gone into research
  • Search for ads based on niche and domain
  • Access data scraped directly from successful ads to use on your own campaigns


  • Very few features on the basic version
  • Fairly steep learning curve

Other Coupons

  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Every digital marketer knows the importance of a Spy tool. Ad intelligence, as a tracking software is very much vital for them. We have covered numerous Spy tools over time. Today we shall talk about PowerAdSpy, the most powerful social media ads spy tool. Before that, claim our exclusive 25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code! You will find this amazing discount only at Afffcoupons!

PowerAdSpy Logo25% OFF
25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code
Get an Exclusive Limited Time 25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code available only at Affcoupons. Hurry Up!

Nowadays, it has become essential for every business to establish an online presence. Social media advertising helps you to achieve it. Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales by running effective ads.

Despite heavy competition, you should be able to be ahead of your competitors. It is merely impossible without using social media ad spy tools.

PowerAdSpy is one such powerful social media ad spy tool available out there. This PowerAdSpy review will give you the complete info about the tool along with an exclusive 25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code.

What is PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy + PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

PowerAdSpy is popularly known for its extensive social ad spying capability. It is one of the best cloud-based social media ad intelligence tools used to spy on your competitors effectively.

It is an online tool that relies on numerous sources to collect ads enabling you to find the best ads running on all the popular marketing platforms including Facebook. It monitors your competitors’ ads to reveal the winning ads so you can, in turn, apply their successful strategies to your own Ad campaigns.

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While most of the ad spy tools focus only on Facebook ads, PowerAdSpy fetches ads from 8 social media platforms which are as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Ads
  • Google Display 
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Native

PowerAdSpy has the largest ad database of all the above mentioned social media platforms. It consists of 50 million ads in over 20 countries and 50K ads are daily being added to its database. The tool helps you to discover, analyze and gain insights of your competitors’ ads across several platforms at the same time.

By having everything in one place, you also get better value for money and have a neat way to keep track of what everyone is up to.
So how can you use PowerAdSpy to make money?
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25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code
Get an Exclusive Limited Time 25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code available only at Affcoupons. Hurry Up!

Getting Started With PowerAdSpy

Getting access to PowerAdSpy is hassle-free. The first step is creating a PowerAdSpy account.

PowerAdSpy Signup
  • Select your membership type. PowerAdSpy offers a Free Plan and six premium plans. Choose the one that most suits your business needs.
  • Enter your Skype ID (optional) and Payment System
  • Enter “AFFPOWER” in the Enter coupon code field which will reduce your subscription cost by 25%. Our exclusive PowerAdSpy Coupon Code is applicable on all monthly plans. 
PowerAdSpy Sign Up + PowerAdSpy Coupon Code
  • Enter your basic details like First & Last Name, your Email address, Username, Password, and Phone Number.
  • Then fill out your address information.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy of PowerAdSpy and agree to it.
  • Click Next after the verification of Anti Spam check.
Basic Sign Up Deatils
  • Enter your payment details.
  • You will be asked to verify your email address by clicking on a link sent to your registered mail id. 
  • Once you verify your email id, you will be taken to the PowerAdSpy dashboard.
  • As per your plan, you will be allowed to perform ad searches and things on the tool.

What can you accomplish with PowerAdSpy?

Check out the video below to know what you can actually get out of PowerAdSpy.

PowerAdSpy Dashboard

The most notable thing about the PowerAdSpy is its powerful dashboard which focuses on several social media ad platforms. It is so beneficial, that you will be able to discover the different strategies adopted by different marketers across different social networks. 

PowerAdSpy Dashboard + PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

You will be able to find the following on PowerAdSpy dashboard.

  • PowerAdSpy has simplified the search and you can search for ads as per your keyword, advertiser, or domain
  • Search ads by text, brand, celebrity, and images
  • Section the ads as per the number of likes, shares, and comments. Enter the range as you want.
  • Filter ads from over 100+ countries
  • Get more information about the advertisers and the networks they are using by tracking ads based on the e-commerce platform, funnel, and source
  • Clear all filters with just a click before starting a fresh search
  • Explore competitor’s Facebook ads, get inspiration for ad creatives
  • See what brands are doing on Instagram, gain real-time insights of the competitor ads.
  • Explore successful YouTube campaigns, make better marketing decisions
  • Know what your competitors’ are doing with Google ads
  • Know what your competitors’ are doing with GDN ad networks
  • Get comprehensive data on profitable native campaigns
  • Unlock the secrets of Reddit ads, build winning campaigns
  • Explore Quora ads and take your lead generation to the next level
  • Create a request for the ads you would like to see in PowerAdSpy
  • Invite friends to check out Poweradspy
  • Stuck anywhere? PowerAdSpy has tons of tutorials to guide you on how to use PowerAdSpy to its fullest potential.
  •  Share the particular ads on Facebook directly with ease
  • Share the particular ads on Twitter directly with ease
  • Copy any URL you want and share it with anyone you want
PowerAdSpy Logo25% OFF
25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code
Get an Exclusive Limited Time 25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code available only at Affcoupons. Hurry Up!

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How Does PowerAdSpy work?

PowerAdSpy offers advanced search and filtering options for each social media ad platform. It has promising features that let you discover your competitors’ ad strategies with ease. Moreover, its advanced search filters are awesome. Below let’s explore the ad creatives and how you can make use of the advanced search options of PowerAdSpy.

PowerAdSpy Ad Creatives

The ads that show on your dashboard will change dynamically based on the social media platform you choose. You can find the number of likes, shares, and comments for each ad right below it. Plus the CTA for the respective ad creative is also displayed there.

The other cool thing about the way the creatives are displayed is the advertiser’s name in the top left-hand corner. You can click on this to view all running ads by that advertiser, and even subscribe to get notifications of any new ads as they arrive.


You can even mark the ad as your favorite by clicking on the heart symbol on the top left corner.

Mark as Favorite

If you wish to submit a bug report, you can easily do it by clicking on the exclamatory symbol.

Submit Bug Report

By clicking on the dropdown symbol, you can find options like Hide advertiser, Hide this ad, Country is incorrect, Mark this ad as an affiliate ad, mark this ad as a non-affiliate ad, and Mark this ad as a Shopify ad.

Ad creative options

Extensive Search Filters

Being a powerful ad spy tool, PowerAdSpy offers extensive search filters that help you find out exactly your desired ad. By making use of these advanced search and filtering options, you will get to know how much worth PoiwerAdSpy is.

PowerAdSpy’s enhanced search allows you to search for relevant ads that your competitors are running. You can almost see everything your competitor is running by searching ads based on their domains. Better still, you can search and filter your competitors’ ads by gender, relationship or what is happening on their landing pages.

Below are the PowerAdSpy filters:

  • Search By
  • Sort By
  • Filters
  • Lander Properties

Search By

Using this feature you can easily search for any ads by

  • Keyword
  • Advertiser
  • Domains
  • Text in Image
  • Object in Image
  • Brand in Image
  • Celebrity in Image
Search In Image

You just have to enter the keyword or the advertiser name in the search box, PowerAdSpy will show you the relevant results in a fraction of seconds.

PowerAdSpy has the ability to search beyond texts. Have you ever seen an ad spy tool that detects “text in image” and/or “object in image”?

PowerAdSpy can do it. Its advanced A.I. technology not only takes the keyword, but also understands the real concept behind the keyword and displays results accordingly. Amazing!! Isn’t it? Without any further delay, grab our PowerAdSpy Coupon Code!

PowerAdSpy Logo25% OFF
25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code
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Sort By

Once you get the results for your search, you can sort them by 

  • Likes, shares, and comments – This allow you to view ads based on the range you specify for likes, shares, and comments.
  • Last Seen – You can sort ads based on the last seen date
  • Newest – It can be used to filter the new ads.
  • Running Longest – You can find ads that are running for a long time
Sort By engagements

Ad Seen Between

Besides Last seen, you can even filter ads between a specific time frame. PowerAdSpy has several subfilters like 

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • Custom Range

Post Date Between

If you want to check for ads that were posted within a specific time limit, you can make use of this filter. This filter has the same subfilters as that of ads seen between.

Post Date Between

Domain Registration Date

The filter, “Domain registration date” too offers the exact sub-filters as “ad seen between”. But, it considers the landing pages’ domain-age for the results. Any domain which has been registered for a longer period generally indicates a successful campaign or advertiser.

Domain registration Date


PowerAdSpy offers the following options Filters to narrow down your search results.

  • Call To Action – Select the type of CTA that you want
  • Search Ads By Country – Discover ads targeting a specific country
  • Ad-type – Search for either Image ads or Video ads
  • Ad position – Find ads based on their placements on websites. (Newsfeed/Side column)
Filters + PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

With PowerAdSpy, it is so simple to find what you exactly want. All you have to do is just specify your required filter and leave the rest to PowerAdSpy. The tool will give you a handful of results.

Lander Properties

Selecting the appropriate landers will greatly benefit you, especially if you are into dropshipping or e-commerce related businesses. This filter helps you to filter ads based on 

  • Ecommerce Platform – Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Click Bank
  • Funnel – Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Any
  • Marketing Platform – Google Marketing Platform, Kenshoo, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Branch, Neurostar, Adobe Audience Manager, conversionx
  • Source – Desktop, Android, iOS, All
Lander properties + PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

Ad Analytics

Find ads in one click through the PowerAdSpy’s Analytics feature. Instead of spending a lot of time guessing what your competitor is doing, select any Ad you have an interest in and this tool will show you the weekly trends, target market segments, and much more on a single page. How to check those? Let’s see below.

Show Analytics

Every ad showing up in the search results of PowerAdSpy has a button labelled “Show Analytics”. Once you click on it, you will redirected to the analytics page. There you will find the following:

  • Ad Details
  • Ad URL
  • Redirects
  • Outgoing Links
  • First Seen
  • Last Seen
  • Post Date
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Views
  • Ad Language
  • Days Running
  • Domain Registered Date
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Target Profile
  • Relationship Status
  • Social Engagement
  • Country
  • Similar Ads
PowerAdSpy Ad Analytics

PowerAdSpy Features

PowerAdSpy is the most prominent social media ad spy tool that will enhance your social ad campaigns. It can find hidden niches and lucrative opportunities for you, removing all the hassle of content creation, identifying campaign targets, niche research, and more.

Below let’s take a rundown of PowerAdSpy features.

  • Filter by ad position
  • Complete visibility
  • Data of Millions of Ads from 15+ countries
  • Narrow down your searches
  • Bookmark the best ads
  • Powerful Search Algorithm
  • Engagement Oriented Details
  • Combination of Videos and Image ads
  • Geo-targeted
  • Call To Action Based Sorting
  • Search Shopify Ads of Your Competitors
  • Search ads with exact and relevant keywords

Filter By Ad Position

PowerAdSpy gives you the complete access to search for any type of ads that your business wants. You can easily analyze ads based on their position, whether they are placed on News Feed or Side Location. This could help you to discover which performs well in your niche in order to get the best conversions.

Ad Position

Complete visibility

PowerAdSpy offers you crystal clear visibility of Ads analytics there by allowing you to visit the live ad posts directly from the platform. You can visit and cross check the real time engagement along with audience’s opinion over the ads.

Data of Millions of Ads from 15+ countries

PowerAdSpy has the largest database consisting millions of social media ads from over 15+ countries around the world. It empowers you to find the latest successful ads in just a matter of few clicks. Also PowerAdSpy adds thousands of fresh ads to its database everyday.

Search Ads By Country

Bookmark the best ads

As you search for the best-performing ads using PowerAdSpy, you may come across several ad concepts which you would like to use in your upcoming ad campaigns. The tool allows you to bookmark them with just a click, and they will be moved to your personalized Ads inventory. You don’t have to search them over and over again.

Engagement Oriented Details

PowerAdSpy helps you to make decisions on your ad campaigns by showing you the ads that have the best engagement oriented details. By checking those, you will get a clear picture of which actually works and which doesn’t. In the Social Engagement section of your Ad Analytics, you can find the likes, shares and comments for that particular ad with which you can know people’s opinion of the respective product.

Engagement Oriented Details

Combination of Videos and Image ads

There is no doubt that Images are great but video are definitely better, or at least they are the latest ads strategy that currently works best on Social. PowerAdSpy has the fastest growing category of Social Video Ads to give a better idea of what kinds of video ads your audience responds to and also allows you to download them for your own ad campaigns.

Ad Type


With its huge Data center of Millions of ads, PowerAdSpy can provide highly precise information about the Geo-targets of your competitors, which helps you to identify audience readily interested in your product or services.

Geo target

Discover Winning Dropshipping Products

Not only does PowerAdSpy recommend the winning products, but it also lets you know of the promising products. With PowerAdSpy, you get one of a kind data that allows you to know the products that are trending, selling well, and have more significant potential.

The features are really mind blowing!! I’m damn sure, you won’t find a better tool for spying social ads. Catch our exclusive 25% PowerAdSpy Coupon Code and start enhancing your ad campaigns. 

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PowerAdSpy Extension

PowerAdSpy lets you see the history and insights of your competitors’ ads. The extension is stress-free to install and you can use it indefinitely right from your browser.

PowerAdSpy Chrome extension

PowerAdSpy Coupon & Pricing

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PowerAdspy is more competitively priced, but if you want to get the most out of your plan you have to get the premium plan. The pricing plans are as follows:

Free Plan: You will get 20 free searches either on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube with absolute zero restrictions on search filters.

Basic Plan: For this plan which goes for $49 each month you will have access to unlimited searches on Facebook but limited options for search filters.

Standard Plan: Offers unlimited searches for both Instagram and Facebook, billed at $99 every month.

Premium Plan: Costs $149 a month. Access all available filters and unlimited searches on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Platinum Plan: This plan is worth $249 paid each month. In addition to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you get access to Google Ads too.

Titanium Plan: Priced at $299/month.  This plan adds native content spying besides those offered by the Platinum plan.

Palladium Plan: Goes for $349 a month. The Poweradspy titanium plan has just the same features available on the platinum plan. The only difference is, however, you get to make searches not only on Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram campaigns alone but also on Native.

The Free plan has no free trial. Basic Plan offers a $1 somewhat free trial while all the other packages offer a $7 trial.

Does the pricing plans seem to be costly? Don’t worry. Our PowerAdSpy Coupon Code can bring down your subscription cost by 25%. Claim it soon!

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25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code
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PowerAdSpy Support

PowerAdSpy offers 24×7 support via Email (mailto: [email protected]), WhatsApp (+91 82877 71771), and Skype (live:support_74033). The response time isn’t impressive. It takes quite a few minutes to get responses.

Besides all these, they provide video tutorials and FAQs with which you can get answers to your queries. You can even head over to their contact us page and submit your queries via a contact form provided there.

PowerAdSpy Pros

  • Ease of use
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Helps you to get the most out of your competitors’ ad campaigns
  • Finding and analyzing sales funnels is incredibly easy
  • Allows you to discover ads across various social media platforms from a single dashboard
  • Extremely easy Searching and filtering ads
  • Lets you discover e-commerce winning ads and trending dropshipping products
  • You have access to live ads displays for real-time engagement and position of the result ads from your search

PowerAdSpy Cons

  • The free plan has limited options
  • The software requires both technical and analytical skills from the user. Yes, PowerAdspy has a learning curve.

Final Words

PowerAdSpy is the truly the best Facebook ad spy tool. If you are a serious marketer, affiliate, media buyer, or e-commerce advertiser this social ad spy tool will give you a huge advantage over your competition. So don’t delay. Redeem our 25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code now!

It is really worth spending on this amazing tool. So start using PowerAdSpy today and you will see wonders in your social media ad campaigns very soon. Don’t forget to share our limited time PowerAdSpy Coupon Code with your friends and relatives.