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About Pexgle

Whatever gap market you are in, Pexgle will provide you with inside information and high-level intelligence you need to achieve optimum success. You will scale your business faster than you have ever dreamt of. Pexgle gives you incredible tools to analyze what other stores are doing right. Readmore
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  • Detailed Analytics
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Pexgle 60% Lifetime Discount $39.95
  • Product and Ad Search
  • Monitoring
  • Sales Optimization
  • Client Support
  • User Interface

Pexgle Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“Pexgle is a service available on the e-commerce platform Shopify. This service lets you analyze other Shopify stores and measure their metrics to see what’s selling well. With this information, you can sell your own products and create effective adverts on social media to drive up your sales – “


  • Easy to use GUI
  • Top stores-Saves you valuable time by taking away the effort of searching manual stores on Facebook
  • Saves you money by testing products
  • Features a proprietary algorithm


  • Accessing pexgle main features is quite pricey

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Pexgle Coupon – Find winning products proven to sell online from your competitors & track top performing ads via Pexgle.

Spy tools are a must-have for every digital marketer. There is no longer a need for you to scratch your head stressing about finding the best marketing strategies. All you need to do now is spy on your competitors and copy their winning methods. And one of the best spy tools in the market is Pexgle.

What is Pexgle?


Pexgle is a spying tool that provides its users with information on winning products online. It has a unique feature that saves your search history and uses this information to recommend products. In addition to this, you are able to know other Shopify stores that sell the same product, their prices, and other useful inside scoops like data traffic.

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Pexgle Features

Pexgle Features

1) Analytics On Stores

This Pexgle feature shows you the Shopify stores that are doing well, the successful ads they are running, and the specific products they are selling. Consequently, you save time and money you could have used on tedious research. This way, you can quickly and easily pick trending and high-converting products for your store.

2) Facebook Ads

At Pexgle you have a whole Facebook section. This section tracks and stores information about all the things you view on Facebook. As a result, you can access customized insights and suggestions on trending products similar to your searches. You also can save your favorite Facebook stores and pages for quick and easy access.

Pexgle Coupon Code & Pricing

Pexgle has three paid plans which come with different packages depending on the amount of money you are willing to pay and the scope of services you need.

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PRO Plan: This plan costs $69 a month. Only one user can use this package and it contains analysis for 250 stores. Also, only 250 pages can be monitored.

Guru Plan: This plan goes for $199 every month. It allows a maximum of three users. The package contains an analysis of 500 stores, an AI, Facebook Ads, Analysis of your ads, and filtered product suggestions.

Business Plan: This plan costs $499 a month. Here you have all the information on products (which are filtered to your preference). Plus, you get to speak to a consultant. The consultant offers information and advice on how you can double your profits and how to deal with competition.

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Pexgle is an invaluable tool to add to your Shopify store, with its features you will be able to see the traffic of your selected products, you can track the performance of your competitors. Plus, Pexgle offers free 7 days trial. So what’s after the free trial ends? Grab Pexgle Coupon Code immediately and enjoy all the features of this great tool at lower price.  Have you ever used Pexgle? Please share your views.