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About Payoneer

Payoneer is a fast and simple online financial services provider that facilitates sending and receiving money online. You can get paid and authorize payments for your business dealings quickly and safely through Payoneer. You must, however, be conducting business transactions because Payoneer only deals with business transactions. Readmore
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Payoneer Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ Payoneer is a financial services company that allows you to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. Payoneer is a top choice for businesses, professionals, product/service marketplaces, digital marketers, and freelancers. It does Currency Conversions, Direct Payments,  Integrated Payments, VAT Payment Services, and API functionality – “


  • Wide presence across the world (200 countries)
  • Make and receive payments quickly from anywhere worldwide
  • You can create custom invoices to send to clients
  • No-fee transactions between Payoneer accounts
  • Excellent customer support


  • Charges several different types of fees which can add up
  • Very strict terms of service
  • Only accepts business transactions

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Payoneer Coupon Code – Buy the best online money transfer & digital payment service at unbelievable cost!

Are you seeking for an online financial service provider to offer online payment and international money transfer? Payoneer is what you need. It will help simplify business payments every day. Payoneer is streamlining global commerce and empower businesses to grow.

What is Payoneer?


Payoneer is a financial service that offers entrepreneurs and individuals with online money transfer. It also offers digital payment services, and customers of this platform can acquire working capital. It supports multiple currencies, with some being costless, which makes it effective for all users. With Payoneer, companies can pay their employees and partners anywhere in the world.

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Payoneer Features

Payoneer Features

Payoneer comes with great features which makes it the best as listed below:

1) Connected Platforms

Sometimes business people may be required to ask their clients to use another website in order to receive payments. With Payoneer, you can make these payments without leading your users to another website. This can be done by using its own platform and integrate the service. Payoneer has API integration which allows to leverage and secure cross border payment solution.

2) Global Payment Service

Payoneer helps its users accept and send funds as if it’s their bank accounts they’re operating. This way, the cost of paying fees is reduced, thus increasing earning for businesses and professionals. Payoneer also allows its users to accept payments using more than five currencies. With this offer, they do not incur additional costs to accept payments in their currency.

3) Multilingual Support

Payoneer offers its users services using different languages. It can be your own language or a language that you are familiar with. Payoneer also has a support team that operates 24/7 and assists customers in their best language that they choose. This enhances understanding between customers and the Payoneer team.

4) Easy and Quick Billing

Payoneer enables professionals and commercials entities to send compensation requests allowing customers to make payments with any method they like. This is done because they need to offer their customers an easy and fast way to receive billing statements.

Payoneer Coupon & Pricing

Payoneer Pricing

Payoneer, like many online platforms, does not offer a free trial. It, however, offers one pricing plan which is;

Quote-based Plan, which offers 1% of total Global Payment Service exacted for USD transactions. This service requires a 3% payment for credit cards and a 1% payment for USD eChecks. Additionally, banks may charge additional fees on fund receipts from marketable places and networks.

If you need to transfer funds, Payoneer will deduct 0.5% of the amount to transfer.

Payoneer will charge $29.95 only if you have not had at least one transaction in your Payoneer Account for the past 12 months.

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Thus Payoneer is the best payment method to be used by entrepreneurs and other individuals if they don’t want credit card payments. I believe that you have given Payoneer a thought. Redeem Payoneer Coupon Code today to grab the benefits. Kindly give us your experience as it is of great importance to us.