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About Online Jobs

OnlineJobs is a Philippines-based online job platform created exclusively for the Filipino workforce. It presents over 250,000 resumes to North American businesses and the world at large. You can find just about any kind of employee on the site including graphic designers, content writers, marketing specialists, etc. Readmore
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Save Money And Scale By Outsourcing Tasks with Online Jobs Today!
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Online Jobs Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ OnlineJobs is an online job platform that offers remote online job opportunities to Filipinos exclusively. OnlineJobs connects thousands of the Filipino workforce to business owners in the world. To date, OnlineJobs has over 250,000 resumes in its database making it the largest online job board in the country – “


  • Largest database of Filipino workforce
  • Onlinejobs does not charge a commission to the virtual workers
  • Charges some of the lowest contractor rates
  • Low employee turnover
  • Great user interface


  • Only offers virtual workers from the Philipines
  • You have to do your own candidate screening which is tough since you can’t meet face to face
  • No dispute resolution

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Online Jobs Coupon Code – Start exploring more remote online jobs by paying less!

Do you have the required academic qualifications but you have not secured employment yet? Onlinejobs is a great platform to try. But you have to be from the Philipines though. What does Onlinejobs have to offer?

What is Online Jobs?

Online Jobs

In recent times, many people are depending on online jobs due to advancement in technology. An online job is any job that can be operated from home rather than reporting to a certain location. It can vary from writing, computer programing, customer service, billing, or even education.

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Online Jobs Features

Online Jobs Features

Online Jobs like any other job has some features which help it to be operational. Some key features are;

1) Prominent Web Design

Online jobs have a job portal where job seekers can register and be part of the portal. Your portal should have a design that is user friendly that will convince you to continue. This feature guarantees superb paid customer support, online career guidance from experts, innovation and responsiveness as well as easy accessibility and dynamic design.

2) Solid Member Features

Dedicated web developers need to have their website with great features. In the same case, online jobs should have this feature to help them know about general visitors and web administrators. An online job with these features will have category-based jobs filtering, multiple search option based keywords, location-based search options as well as a comprehensive job search functionality.

3) Innovative Front Site Layout

Online jobs like any other job should have a portal with a unique web layout. The job portal should also have improved and user information friendly web layout. The site thus features easy customization, appealing visibility with a comfortable user interface, and excellent paid customer support.

Online Jobs Coupon & Pricing

Online job cost depends on the cost of posting a certain job on a given platform. Before you post your job you should consider certain factors such as the pricing model and timing period. Apply Online Jobs Coupon Code immediately to save more on your purchase. Several sites have different pricing as listed below;

Cost to Post a Job on Monster

Pay $249 Per Month for one job

Costs $449 each Month for a standard subscription for two jobs

Pay $999 Monthly  for a premium subscription for five jobs

Cost to Post a Job on Dice

Pay $395 for a 30-day single job posting

Costs $324 each two job posts

Pay $305 each three job posts

Costs $250 each five to ten job posts

Cost to Post a Job on Indeed

Payment is per click of every job seeker that click your post

Cost ranges from $0.10 to over $5 per click

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Online jobs is the best platform for individuals who have not yet secured any job yet. The best thing with online job is that you become your own boss. Don’t delay. Redeem Online Jobs Coupon Code now! Make the most out of this job portal and kindly let us know what your experience with Online Jobs is.