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About Niche Scraper

With Niche Scraper, you will get all the information you need in launching a new product in your Shopify store. They have a Facebook Video Ad generator that saves you a lot of time and money in video production. This comes at a monthly fee of $39. Readmore
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  • Detailed Analytics
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  • Product Research
  • Insights and Analysis
  • Marketing Tools
  • Pricing
  • User Interface

Niche Scraper Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“Niche Scraper is basically a dropshipping tool that you can use to find winning products from global Shopify stores. At the same time, you can also outsource for different products you want to trade on your Shopify Store. This is the most affordable dropshipping tool in the market – “


  • Allows you to run a free account
  • Trusted tool by top dropshippers
  • Amazing Facebook ads generator
  • Helps you find winning products.


  • None so far

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Niche Scraper Coupon Code – Find winning dropshipping products on shopify, sell them on your ecommerce store and make enormous profit using Niche Scraper!

Are you operating an online store or business or operating as a drop shipper who want to increase sales? Niche Scrapper is the best tool to use to be able achieve your dream. It will help you do the following; check out suppliers and competitors, assess prices and margins and review inventory.

What is Niche Scraper?

Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is a software used by drop shippers to find best-selling products in the market. It will enable you to favorably become competitive and succeed in your business. It literally works as a spying tool to find what other successful stores are doing and replicate it.

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Niche Scraper Features

Niche Scraper as a spying tool has great features that make it work best and improve your business.

1) Hand-Picked Products

A successful business requires to have a Niche Research team to do research of successful selling products. The report will be shared by other Niche Research users to avoid duplicating work that has been done already. Hand-picked products will give a list of recommended products by Niche Scraper team. Hand-picked products will provide;

  • The product name, RRP and sales trend
  • Link to other Shopify stores selling the same product
  • Share any ads and link to AliExpress suppliers

 2) Winning Product Scraper

Niche Scraper holds this feature to help look for profitable and popular products in Shopify and AliExpress. This feature will help you decide which product is potentially good to promote and sell. You will also be able to;

  • Pull data insightful about the last seven days
  • Determine product sale difficulty level
  • Know if a product sale is decreasing or increasing

 3) Store Analysis

This feature is important in your Niche Scraper tool as you can search product availability across Shopify and AliExpress. You will know if a product is worth testing even if your competitors are not dropshipping. Store analysis help search a product you want if your Niche Scrapper is linked with your Shopify store. After you find the product what is required is just push it to your store.

Niche Scraper Discount Code & Pricing

Niche Scraper Pricing

Apply Niche Scraper Discount Code now and make the most out of this amazing tool!

Free Current Plan

  • Cannot block others from spying on your store
  • Limited access to all products and tools
  • 3-day delay on new winning and hand-picked products
  • Limited access to exclusive dropshipping guides

Pro Membership $39/Mo

  • Reveal estimated revenue of other stores
  • Discover trending products on AliExpress
  • Unlimited access to hand-picked products
  • Easy cancellation at any time

Claim Niche Scraper Coupon Code Now!

Finally, Niche Scraper is a very important tool help a marketer find the winning product in the market. It offers a free trial and its monthly subscription is affordable. So why are you still waiting? Redeem Niche Scraper Discount Code now and avail maximum benefits. How do you see this platform?  Kindly give us your experience.