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About Nextsale

Nextsale is a social proof solution that increases conversions by displaying real-time data about what other visitors are doing on the website. Any new visitors can see how busy the website is which builds trust and pushes for conversions. Grab Nextsale and experience a boost in conversions. Readmore
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Get 50% off discount coupon for Nextsale Today. $29
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Nextsale Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ Nextsale is a social proof tool geared towards making your website more interactive and persuasive to the visitors to turn into customers. Nextsale generates Social Proof Popups while increasing conversion rates, brand trust, and impressions. At the same time, it reduces acquisition costs which means a higher ROI – “


  • Notifications look clean and professional
  • Streamlines the review process making it easy for your customers to leave a review
  • Easy and fast setup, clean crisp dashboard
  • Brilliant customer support


  • Expensive


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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Nextsale Coupon Code – Buy Nextsale, the top social proof tool at much affordable cost! 

Social proof is all the rage these days. Marketers have realized how powerful social proof is at pushing conversions. Admittedly, there are quite a number of social proof tools available in the market. If you are the one looking to double your conversions, then Nextsale will be your best option. Let us have a look at Nextsale.

What is Nextsale?


Nextsale is a platform with unique apps which can boost the website of users using social proof and urgency. It works by increasing customer trust on their digital stores as well as having direct impact on business sales. People using Nextsale are assured of generating more leads and many visitors will be converted into real customers. Also it improves customer experience to a great extent. 

So what’s there to wonder? Get exclusive 50% Nextsale Coupon Code – use ACNEXTSALE and enjoy the benefits.

Nextsale Features


Nextsale has certain key features and these features make it an incredible social proof tool. Some of them are listed below:

1) Lead Generation

Nextsale helps you to generate leads by collecting emails and phone numbers from prospective customers. Afterward, using Nextsale’s customization tools, you create attractive, eye-catching messages. You can match the colors to your website, adjust the message, images, and background. Next, set the targets of your campaigns by pages based on device, source, and data. Finally, compare behavior and display relevant offers.

2) Harness the power of Social Proof

Social proof creates a sense of confidence in the website and the items on sale. Allow Nextsale’s social proof to eliminate your visitors’ scepticism. Nextsale offers a myriad of incredible tools to help you display social proof and create incredible brand trust. Hence it has become a go to social proof tool for many marketers.

With Nextsale, you get to design eye-popping social proof pop-ups and banners and analyze specific on-page targeting.

3) Add FOMO to your website

Nextsale is great at creating FOMO which is in itself a great way to turn visitors into customers. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is a form of social anxiety where a person is anxious about missing out on some social event. By creating FOMO around your products, anyone who is susceptible to FOMO will turn into a customer. So the chances of users leaving the website without providing their details is less here.

FOMO is ideally presented at the end of the browsing session as the visitor attempts to leave your page.

4) SMS Messaging Automation

SMS marketing has one of the highest engagement rates in the biz. So this feature was created with Shopify customers in mind. Since SMS messaging enjoys an average of 35% Click-through rate, combining SMS messaging’s CTR rate plus Nextsales’ personalization capabilities and you have a winning combo. Thus the automation in SMS messaging is an added benefit here.

Nextsale Pricing & Nextsale Coupon

Nextsale Pricing

As we see, Nextsale has various pricing plans which are explained below:

Free Plan: The free plan is meant to give you a taste of the Nextsale tool. It has some pretty awesome features including 1k monthly impressions, activity popup, social proof popup among others.

Starter Plan: Charges $29/Mo per store. You can choose to pay $290/year. For this amount, you will have some of the free plan features plus 100k monthly impressions.

Growth Plan: Goes for $79/Mo per Store. You can choose to pay $790 per year. Ultimately, you will receive some features from the starter plan, 1M monthly impressions, removable branding, and priority support.

Enterprise Plan: Costs $199/Mo per Store. You can choose to pay $1990 annually per store. Get all the growth plan features plus unlimited monthly impressions.

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Thus Nextsale is the best platform that can be used by websites to improve their sales and trust among their customers. Also, Nextsale encourages new visitors to purchase products from your website by showing the previous orders and purchases. For sure, Nextsale converts your visitors into valuable leads. So don’t miss the limited time offer! Claim 50% Nextsale Coupon Code – use ACNEXTSALE only here! What is your experience with Nextsale? Share with us.