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About NameCheap

NameCheap is more than just a domain registrar. It offers lots of additional services including cheap domain names and SSL certificates, email hosting, managed WordPress, domain transfers, WhoIsGuard privacy protection, and 24/7 customer support. NameCheap provides multiple redundancies for every component and easy to upgrade hosting packages. Readmore
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NameCheap Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ NameCheap is a domain registrar and cheap website hosting solution. It offers 100% uptime service level agreement, managed WordPress, email hosting, and the best prices on SSL certificates. Plus, businesses get VPS and dedicated server hosting. NameCheap uses the latest server technology from brands like Supermicro and Dell – “


  • Cheap domain names
  • Simple, intuitive UI
  • Free and fast migration from other registrars
  • Daily backups
  • No upsells


  • No phone support
  • SSL certificates are challenging to set up

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


NameCheap Coupon Code – Buy the best web hosting solution & domain name registrar at more affordable cost.

Are you in the market for a good Hosting service? We have a very good option for you. NameCheap takes Hosting to a whole new level. Find out how.

What is NameCheap?


NameCheap is a hosting software that lets you choose a great domain name and then sells you a domain name and hosts your website in your place. NameCheap makes it easy for your customers to find your websites using your domain name. Additionally, you can also sell your domain names if you are no longer using them.

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NameCheap Features

NameCheap Features

1) SSL (solid-state drive)

Many people select a shared website hosting in place of an on-website server. A solid-state power (SSD) is widely known to beautify overall performance over conventional hard disk drives (HDD).

SSDs don’t have any shifting mechanical components. Electromechanical drives, which include HDDs and floppy disks, include spinning disks and movable heads, making them slower and greatly susceptible to malfunction.

2) Backups

Most of the providers give you a choice to manually backup your data at any time; however, if you are a busy person, it easy to forget to back up your information.

Even with minor updates, like installing a new plugin or CMS version, finishing a guide backup before, allows avoiding feasible hassle. In any of those conditions, automated backups are very helpful.

NameCheap is automated to back up your data twice per week. If you encounter errors after creating a change, you may request through the customer care for your most recent backup.

3) SSL Certificates

To hold your statistics and your clients’ records secure, then it will be impossible to do that without SSL. Without a validated SSL, users looking to get admission to your web site may also get a warning in their browser that the site they are trying to access might be risky.

With this protection, the feature gives comfort to your customers and forestalls unwanted parties from intercepting personal records.

NameCheap Coupon & Pricing


NameCheap offers domain and hosting services, and they have different payment plans.

Hosting Stellar Plan: Pay $1.44 monthly and get 20 GB SSD, 3 websites, and a domain name.

Starred Stellar Plan: Pay $2.44 per month for unmetered SSD, unlimited websites, auto backup, and domain name.

Stellar Business Plan: Pay $4.44 monthly for 50 GB SSD, unlimited websites, auto backup, cloud storage, and domain name.

Domains: for the different domains, here are the charges: .net $11.98 annually/ .com $8.88 annually/ .xyz $1.99 annually/ .io $2.88 annually

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The pricing image is for extended hosting plans.

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Finally, NameCheap has easy set-up, which makes it easy to manage your domains. You also get expert advice whenever you need it, and you will be able to sell domains you do not use through NameCheap preventing underutilizing resources. Don’t delay. Redeem NameCheap Coupon Code only here! What is your experience with NameCheap? Please share your views.