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About MySafeSite

MySafeSite is a website hosting service that works best for the people who need lots of websites for content arbitrage or SEO experts who need their own Private Blog Network. It takes all the repetitive work of creating websites and filling them with content and automates them. Readmore
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MySafeSite Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ MySafeSite is a hosting solution that does more than host your domain. It takes care of your DNS settings, deploys a server, sets up your SSL, installs WordPress, and fills your website with content. This way, you can create lots of websites and content arbitrage with minimal effort. “


  • One-click domain registration
  • Installs WordPress
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Post dates are randomized to make the website appear legit


  • None so far

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


MySafeSite Coupon Code – Get the best WordPress & Shopify hosting solution at low cost!

Are you thinking of veering off WordPress and Shopify sites? Maybe they are a bit too pricey or slow? Well, MySafeSite is a great place to start.

What is MySafeSite?


MySafeSite offers hosting services for your WordPress website; thus, you can create your site and host with MysafeSite. Your website will be customizable, making you have a look you want. You are also able to create as many websites as you want.  Mysafesite also uses data from your other websites and adds them to your new website saving you a lot of time.

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MySafeSite Features

MySafeSite Features

MySafeSite has different features. Some of these include;

1) Integrations

MySafeSite integrates with most platforms that you are familiar with. This platform hosts your newly created WordPress account on your own DigitalOcean or Vultr, where you will have full access to both FTP and admin.

This platform hosts your Shopify sites on their own cloud infrastructure. Moreover, you can register your new domains using Namecheap, which you will be able to do so through your dashboard.

You can also access domains you already have from any register.

2) Unlimited Site Creation

Within a few minutes, MySafeSite can create for you as many sites as you require and deploy them. With this software, you can configure the kind of site you want and launch it.

It employs proper configuration and also deploys SSL certificate ensuring your website and serves safety.

3) No Footprint

There are more than 75 themes available; thus, when you create a site, a random design is picked, ensuring uniqueness. This platform collects content from dozens of different sources, and this is responsible for maintaining the DB fresh.

MySafeSite Coupon & Pricing

MySafeSite Pricing

Before checking the pricing plans, apply MySafeSite Coupon Code to avail more benefits!

One Site Package: Costs $60. It offers over 75 wordpress and Shopify designs, custom logo, free SSL, 10-minute automation deployment, within 24 human reviews, launch sites in all languages, 20-30 articles per site, and content spinning.

Five Sites Package: Costs $250. It includes over 75 WordPress and Shopify designs, 5 custom logos, SSL, 10-minute automation deployment, within 24 hours human review, launch sites in all languages, 20-30 articles per site, and content spinning.

Ten Sites Package:Costs $400. Offers all the features of one site and five sites, plus 10 custom logos.

Thirty Sites Package: costs $800 Includes all the features of the one site, five sites, and ten sites but has 30 custom logos.

Claim MySafeSite Coupon Now!

Creating websites is tedious, but MySafeSite makes it easy for you, it provides you with all the tools you need and support from experts. The services are at affordable rates and are only paid once, and your site is secure. Don’t forget to redeem MySafeSite Coupon Code which is available only here! Have you tried MySafeSite? Please share your views.