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About MegaPush

MegaPush is a world-renowned advertising platform that goes the extra mile to ensure you get the kind of traffic and leads you need. MegaPush provides its 450 million+ subscribers with exclusive access to over 100 top-quality traffic sources. This way, you will generate more leads and traffic. Readmore
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  • Pros
  • Cons
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  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing
  • User Interface

MegaPush Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ MegaPush is a leading advertising network and a full-fledged DSP platform. MegaPush seeks to offer its users fresh solutions to generate more leads and reach quality traffic. To achieve this, MegaPush employs the latest marketing tactics such as First Page Ads, Push Notifications, and SMS Campaigns among others – “


  • High quality traffic
  • Updated versions released regularly
  • High volume traffic
  • Comes with its own subscription base
  • Great referral program


  • User interface can be tricky
  • Budgets can overrun

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


MegaPush Promo Code – Grow your traffic with best online push ads!

Want to do better targeting and generate more leads? Grab Megapush today.

What is MegaPush?


MegaPush is a platform that offers advertising services where you choose the format of ads you want. MegaPush offers first page ads where your ad will show when a user opens a progressive web application. \It also allows for push notifications, which are ads sent to end-users via text messages and SMS campaigns where you create a campaign and select the people you want it sent to.

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MegaPush Features

MegaPush Features

1) Universal ad format

MegaPush allows you to advertise anything you want. Due to the similarity of the ad format, all you will require for your site or app is a link and a hypnotizing image.

There are various places you can apply push notifications. You can use them to keep your audience updated on new vlogs and blogs, display important notification depending on a visitor’s location, advertisement, and much much more.

2) DSP service

MegaPush is all-encompassing, one of its main agenda is to annihilate middlemen from advertising venture. MegaPush offers a DSP service which is backed up by more than seventy push traffic sources.

This implies that everything you need to succeed in your advertising business will be provided from the same platform.

3) Customer support and referrals

MegaPush provides a 24/7 support team that ensures you will not suffer in case you encounter a problem. If you join the MegaPush referral program, you get a maximum of 3% commission by referring your affiliate friends.

4) Global traffic

MegaPush gets traffic sources from all over the world, the traffic sources from countries like the USA and UK is most profitable and also Tier 2 countries like India and Japan provide pretty good returns too.

With MegaPush, you will have great ROI.

MegaPush Coupon Code & Pricing

MegaPush Pricing

MegaPush is very affordable; you get a minimum bid from 0.001 USD.

It requires a minimum deposit of 100 USD when you start using it, and you can receive payments from well-known channels like WebMoney, ePayments, Bitcoin, and PayPal.

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MegaPush provides you with more effective ways of advertising since it is a popular advertising platform. It has high traffic and has access to high traffic sources these enable your campaigns to have high traffic as well, and it guarantees global coverage.

It has an inner tracking system that tracks the progress of ads and campaigns in addition to having a user-friendly interface. So don’t wait anymore! Save more on MegaPush using limited time MegaPush Promo Code available only here! What is your experience with MegaPush? Please share your views.