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About Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an ultimate email marketing solution hosted in cloud. It allows you to create, automate and manage email marketing campaigns across various platforms, ad channels and more through a single intuitive dashboard. Readmore
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  • Cons
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  • User Experience
  • Marketing Automation for SMEs
  • Deliverability
  • Customer Support
  • Contact Management

Mailchimp Review - Discount Code, Coupon Code & Promo Code

“ Mailchimp is the most popular and widely used email automation tool. It lets you to create effective email campaigns and newsletters to reach a mass number of audience in very short span. Along with emails, you can also build social ads, landing pages, postcards, and more from one place. It has several easy-to-use design tools, flexible templates and AI-powered creative assistant that will generate custom designs for in seconds.- “


  • Powerful editor
  • Thorough reporting
  • Enables importing of own email templates
  • Access to complete comparative metrics
  • Great marketing automation


  • Having a membership-based site can be difficult
  • MailChimp reserves the right to suspend or cancel your account

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


The evolution of email marketing has tremendously changed the way of marketing for several businesses. Its due to the fact that the modern email solutions offer great features and functionalities that make the job of entrepreneurs easy. Mailchimp is one such email marketing tool that stands on the top in providing the best email services. This review is about Mailchimp and here we offer you an exclusive 30% Mailchimp Discount Code.

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp & Mailchimp Discount Code

Mailchimp is an easy to use email builder and popular email marketing service that offers generous plans for small and developing enterprises, and can also handle large volumes of emails for big businesses and organizations. Known for their low-cost plans ideal for startups, MailChimp also offers business-enhancing analytical features and strong technology tools that allow users to effectively use email to get in touch with their clients and prospective customers, market their products and services with ease and accuracy, and turn leads into actual sales. Easy to use and extremely affordable, MailChimp is a powerhouse in the email marketing solutions market.

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Mailchimp Features

Mailchimp has many great features, some of which are listed below. Before that don’t forget to redeem our Mailchimp Coupon Code.

1) Marketing Automation

Mailchimp offers perfect marketing automation that leverages marketing technologies that eliminate repetitive tasks and help you build your brand, sell more stuff, and boost customer loyalty. You can target people based on behavior, preferences, and purchase history so that you can send the right message to the right people and nurture leads at the right time.

2) Real-time Analytics

Mailchimp integrates well with Google Analytics. You can add Google Analytics tracking to Mailchimp campaigns to pass Google data back to your mailchimp campaign reports. Mailchimp also stores your Google Analytics ID to track visits to your campaign pages and hosted campaign archive, so you can see traffic to these pages in your Google Analytics account.

3) Transactional Email

Mailchimp has a delivery API that can send transactional emails from websites and applications. Transactional Email is available as an add-on for Standard and higher monthly plans. Withy this feature you can send emails to your customers in blocks/bulk.

Mailchimp Coupon Code & Pricing

Mailchimp pricing

Mailchimp offers four pricing plans based on the features that it offers. Below are the cost details.

Free Plan – In this free plan, you get email support for 30 days, 250+ app integrations, and all the multi-channel tools that you need to build your business.

EssentialsStarts at $10.38 per month and this plan is effective for email only senders who want around-the-clock support.

Standard – Starting at $15.50 per month, you get data-driven automation and optimization tools for your fast growing business.

Premium – Starting at $309.95 per month, this plan includes all the advanced features to enhance your campaigns. 

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Mailchimp is thus a cloud based email marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes. It is one of the biggest names in email marketing industry. Its software is really easy to use and its marketing automation features are outstanding. If you are looking to opt for the best email marketing tool, Mailchimp would my recommendation. Besides with our Mailchimp Discount Code, you can save up to 30% on your subscription plans. Use Mailchimp and share your experiences with us.