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About Madgicx

If you are looking to optimize your ads across Facebook, Instagram or Google, Madgicx would be your go-to software. It is an affordable solution for scaling any business. It works based on AI machine learning with automated tactics that reveal hidden metrics. It is a perfect tool for managing your ad campaigns. Readmore
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Madgicx Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code & Discount Code 2021

“ Madgicx is a game-changer in optimization ads across Facebook, Instagram and Google. it works based on AI-powered creative intelligence that helps you analyze millions of data points from your creatives and evaluate the performance of each element separately to tailor the perfect content for the right audience.  – “


  • Agency Class Reporting
  • Comes with free trail
  • Offers reliable customer support
  • Full-Funnel Strategy in 5-clicks
  • AI-powered creative intelligence
  • Conversion targeting


  • No FAQs to self troubleshoot the issues

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics