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About LinksCloaking

LinksCloaking protects your links by finding and flagging potential fraudulent IP activities including bots, crawlers, and so on. LinksCloaking lets you take control of your campaigns from the get-go by cloaking your landing pages with the advanced cloaking technologies like encrypting cookie data and validating user data. Readmore
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LinksCloaking Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ LinksCloaking is the best link protection service in the business. LinksCloaking has the best tools to cloak your landing pages with advanced techniques like encrypting cookies data, validating user data before they visit your website. It helps you to achieve higher goals and enjoy the best online services  – “


  • SSL certificate is valid
  • LinksCloaking has been running for 3 years and counting
  • 99.99% location accuracy on your campaigns
  • Unleashes quality traffic for PPV, CPA, PPC based networks and campaigns
  • Hides you landing page links from thieves, competitors, sniffing bots, and spy tools


  • Network of only 3 countries
  • No genuine reviews online

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


LinksCloaking Coupon Code – Protect your website from fake and fraudulent visitors!

Many people are operating their businesses online and may face a lot of problems from visitors in their Website. LinksCloaking is what you need. It will help you solve a lot of problems faced by several other people, your time and money. You will also be assured of accuracy while performing your various tasks.

What is LinksCloaking?


LinksCloaking is an internet tool that helps hide your website from fraudulent visitors. This tool will also cloak your landing pages with such things as cookies data and validating user data. It will also help hide your data from competitors, thieves, and sniffing bots.

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LinksCloaking Features

LinksCloaking Features

LinksCloaking has several key features as listed below:

1) Best Online Support

LinksCloaking is the tool that offers one of the best online support to its website users. This tool also offers a highly reactive 24/7 live chat support for SEO or PPC tool setup. Linkscloaking also has its team which helps work with those who visit the website. The support team also assists to effectively set up high ROI campaigns in the best way possible.

2) Best Service for Online Market

LinksCloaking provides the best services for online marketing to all its users. This tool also provides fast responding and self-owned servers for landing and offer pages, checkout pages, and URL redirection. It also offers unlimited campaign clicks, hosting services and domains as well. This feature works hand in hand with PPV, CPA, PPC, and affiliate pages to ensure complete work.

3) Bad and Fraud IP Blocks

Linkscloaking is a tool that provides a platform that checks bad and fraud IP blocks. There is also a powerful system of algorithms that are designed to detect and block suspicious visitors. The unwanted visitors could come in the form of bots or even crawlers. The system can also filter bad anonymous proxies, hosting IPs, VPNs, and any other abnormal visitor in this platform.

LinksCloaking Coupon & Pricing

LinksCloaking Pricing

LinksCloaking has two forms of pricing which can either be a monthly subscription or pay as you go plan. In this article let’s focus on monthly subscription:

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Basic Plan costs $180/Mo for 8 hours live support, 6 campaigns, 10 landing pages, 24 hours server time, a limit to 50,000 hits, and access to all networks.

Advance Plan costs $230/Mo for 12 hours live support, 15 campaigns, access to all networks, 24 hours server time, 25 landing pages, and a limit to 100,000 hits.

Pro Plan costs $280/Mo for 24 hours live support, 25 campaigns, 24 hours server time, 50 landing pages, a limit to 250,000 hits, and access to all networks.

Elite Plan costs $330/Mo for 24 hours server time, access to all networks, up to 50 campaigns, a limit to 500,000 hits, and up to 70 landing pages.

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Linkscloaking is the best website tool that should be adopted by any online marketer. Have you tried it? Give a trial now. Grab LinksCloaking Coupon Code and enjoy the experience.