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About LeadCloak

LeadCloak is an IP delivery/filtering software better known as cloaking software. It uses powerful features to block bad traffic, bots, VPN users, scrapers, TOR fraud, fake clicks, and so on. LeadCloak offers traffic cloaking, location filters, fraud protection, and offers rotations so you can A/B test. Readmore
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LeadCloak Coupon Code, Promo Code, Discount Code of 2022

“ LeadCloak is a cloaking service that promises killer cloaking solutions. With LeadCloak you can eliminate fake traffic including fake users, abusive bots, chargeback credit cards, fake clicks, and proxies among others. LeadCloak features traffic cloaking(updated hourly with bot IP information), location filters, fraud prevention, and offers rotations – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Effective cloaking
  • A/B testing
  • Location filtering
  • Hourly updates on bot IPs and fingerprints


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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


LeadCloak Coupon Code – Eliminate all sort of fraudulent activities from your website!

Online advertisers, marketers and publishers are making a fortune online but it is not as easy as it seems. Running their websites and online ads needs a little help from a few websites and networks. Among the many of them in the market, LeadCloak stands out among all of them.

What is LeadCloak?


LeadCloak is a powerful cloaker (filtering software/IP Delivery) that cloaks numerous traffic sources. It does this to get targeted traffic to your websites and offer pages. It helps you to eliminate fake users, abusive bots, chargeback, fake clicks, proxies and many more. . LeadCloak offers killer cloaking solutions for websites.

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LeadCloak Features


1) PHP Integration

As a scripting language, the PHP integration gives the users a very easy time when doing a project. It is also very flexible which is important especially if changes need to be made after a project has started. The PHP integration is compatible with many operating systems and can run on different platforms like Unix and Solaris. It is also scalable for writing codes and creating a large number of integrations.

2) API Access

With API access, computers manage the work instead of people. Agencies can also update their work flows to make them quicker and more productive. It delivers services and information more flexibly because it can access the app components. With API, an application layer is easy to create and to distribute information and services, and personalized user experiences.

3) JavaScript CDN Integration

Using this tool for libraries, frameworks or other static JS files can help to improve the delivery speed of assets because it uses a group of strategically placed servers. This in turn helps to shorten the distance between your website visitors and the servers that provide them with requested data.

LeadCloak Coupon & Pricing


LeadCloak has two main pricing plans. To save more on this purchase claim LeadCloak Coupon Code immediately!

Campaigns Package-Unlimited Clicks*(Billed Monthly).

  • Starter Package-$399/Month.
  • Professional Package-$619/Month.
  • Premium Package-$1199/Month.
  • Enterprise Package-$1999/Month.

Clicks Package-Unlimited Campaigns (Billed Monthly)/Pay-As-You-Go.

  • Starter Package-$99/24.5K Clicks.
  • Professional Package-$299/150K Clicks.
  • Premium Package-$599/600K Clicks.
  • Enterprise Package-$999/1,250K Clicks

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LeadCloak is thus one of the leading websites in its field and has grown in popularity over the years for its services. Despite the allegations the company has received from Facebook, LeadCloak has still been able to stay on top. Many experts and experienced users speak well of the company. Have you tried LeadCloak? If you haven’t, try it today. Redeem LeadCloak Coupon Code and grab the benefits! Remember to share your experience with us.