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About Keysearch

Keysearch specializes in keyword research and gives you multiple ways to find related, niche relevant keywords in any niche. You just have to put in a seed keyword and Keysearch will return hundreds of related keywords with search volume, CPC & PPC data. It lets you refine your search with Related Keywords, Google Suggest, Amazon Suggest, YouTube Suggest finders and its own database of over 1 billion keywords. Readmore
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  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics
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  • Value for money

Keysearch Review - Coupon Code, Promo Code & Discount Code 2021

“ Keysearch is a powerful keyword research tool. Also it’s a full-fledged SEO powerhouse that provides you all the tools like in-depth keyword research, keyword difficulty checker, competitor analysis, rank tracking, YouTube research, and backlink checker  to spy on your competitors and track your SEO efforts. – “


  • Access to several SEO tools in addition to keyword research tool
  • Clean and user friendly interface
  • Keyword competitiveness calculator
  • Cloud based – Fast processing speed
  • White label report and API access at any pricing package
  • Convenient bulk check for kw difficulty and link analysis


  • No Ahrefs integration
  • Limited rank tracking capacity

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Digital marketers are always looking for the best SEO tools that could really make some difference in their business. There are several tools available online that have got the top-notch SEO features. Keysearch is one among those and this review is completely about it. Also, here you get an exclusive Keysearch Coupon Code with which you can save up to 75% on your subscription plans. Be ready to claim it!

What exactly is Keysearch?


Keysearch is an all-in-one SEO tool that comes with keyword, SERP and competitor research, and analysis, keyword rank checking, backlink analysis plus loads more.. It will help you get more organic traffic, find backlinking opportunities, and overtake your competitors without, frankly, ever having to rely on another SEO tool. It has lots of awesome features with which you can enhance your business.

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Keysearch Features

Keysearch Features

1) Superior Backlink Checker

A backlink checker is one of those significant features of any SEO tool. KeySearch’s backlink checker offer tons of amazing features. Firstly, it allows you to check the backlinks for a particular page or for the entire domain. It makes it easy for you to filter backlinks using various metrics such as domain strength, number of links, link type, or link source. You can do this either for the entire domain or for the page you want to check. With this, you will be able to know how difficult or easy it is to outrank a page or a domain. 

2) Quick Keyword Difficulty Checker

This feature is a great time saver. Instead of checking the keyword difficulty for keywords one by one, Keysearch allows you to build-check the difficult of up to 50 keywords at once. It also allows you to export the keywords along with their search volume and other details to a CSV file.

3) YouTube Research

Keysearch allows you to find the best keyword to target for your YouTube videos. It comes with a table that displays URLs of the videos along with important metrics such as Video Age, Views, Likes, Dislikes, Comments and whether or not the keyword is in title and description. The tool offers keyword suggestion box and there is a quick difficult checker available for YouTube. It allows you to check the difficulty and other metrics of up to 50 keywords at once.

Keysearch Coupon & Pricing

Keysearch Pricing

As far as the pricing is concerned, Keysearch offers two plans besides a Free trial.

Free Trial – You get access to 5 daily searches and analysis, YouTube research, Domain check, Content assistant, and Reporting/API access.

Starter Plan – It costs $17 per month and you get access to 200 daily searches and analysis, YouTube research, Domain check, Content assistant, competitive analysis, rank tracker for upto 80 keywords, Reporting/API access.

Pro Plan – Costs $34 per month and you get access to 500 daily searches and analysis, YouTube research, Domain check, Content assistant, competitive analysis, rank tracker for up to 200 keywords, Reporting/API access.

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