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About Keitaro

Keitaro is a premier managed service provider of Deis and Kubernetes based clusters. They have great knowledge and skills of the docker orchestration system making it a reliable brand in the market. Keitaro offers its clients great Linux based systems and have domineered in this IT industry. Readmore
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“`Keitaro is a Linux as well as an Open-Source software consultancy company. The company is highly focused on managed services and bleeding-edge technologies. They enable small and large organizations to fulfill their projects and companies’ overall perspective. This can only be achieved by the open-source ecosystem we offer – “


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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Keitaro Coupon Code – Track your advertising campaigns, analyze your sales funnel and target your audience!

With the growth of various online companies in the world and the complexity of running them increasing every day, there is supposed to be a solution that helps these companies with running them. Well, Keitaro is there to the rescue to help these industries to run their operations.

What is Keitaro?


Keitaro is a Linux and open-source software company that develops solutions that powers companies. They innovate and follow the market and try to stay on top of the latest and bleeding-edge technologies. They also optimize advertising campaigns, analyze acquisition channels and control CPA funnels.

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Keitaro Features

Keitaro Features

1) Integration with any Traffic Sources

Keitaro works with traffic ad networks, mobile traffic with regular websites, and landing pages. The ad networks are supported by CPC, CPuC, CPM, CPA, RevShare, and CPS payment models. Keitaro has an instant connection from more than 100 templates including Facebook, Google Ads, Exoclick, and many others. They also operate with numerous currencies.

2) Flexibility in Scheme Settings

Keitaro allows you to perform various actions like showing an HTML page, showing an error, executing JS code, and loading external content. They also support a large number of redirects such as HTTP redirect, double meta redirect, JS redirects, and others.

3) Statistics and Reports

The company allows you to build reports with multi-level groupings like GEO, OS, browsers, year, month, weeks, days of the week, hours, and others. They also connect the necessary metrics like clicks, costs, profit, and time spent on landing.

4) Link Protection and Cloaking

Keitaro protects your landing pages from bots, they have a built-in bot database with over 500,000 IP addresses. They also redirect bots to other pages or display a safe page, have details on bots, and reports on bot traffic. They have custom IP lists and signatures and work with proxied domains.

Keitaro Coupon & Pricing


The company is suitable for people looking for a cheaper solution to their everyday issues. This is evident in their pricing rates as indicated below. You can save more by applying Keitaro Coupon Code now!

Basic Package costs $25/month

Pro Package costs $40/month

Business Package costs $70/month

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Lastly, Keitaro is a very effective tool for today’s companies across a number of industries. The solutions offered by the company have sustained a lot of huge industries in the world today. Keitaro has been committed to helping its customers in every step of their projects, from start to finish. So why are you still waiting? Have you tried Keitaro? If not, redeem the Keitaro Coupon Code soon and avail benefits! Try it and share your experience.