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About Ingramer

Ingramer Instagram bot is the easiest and one of the cheapest Instagram bots in the biz. Thanks to Ingramer, you can automate your likes, posts, follows and unfollows. Also, you can increase your followers, send Direct Messages to your followers as well as analyze Ingramer's actionable stats. Readmore
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Ingramer review by AFFcoupons

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Ingramer Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ Ingramer is an Instagram bot that promises an exponential increase in followers and engagements as well as total automation of your Instagram accounts. It can automate liking, following, smart unfollowing, and scheduled posting. Plus, it will grow your following using a system of hashtags, location and username targeting – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Extremely effective in increasing your Instagram followers
  • Saves you time because of the Automation feature
  • Comes with a suite of Instagram marketing tools to automate marketing
  • Offers Direct Messaging
  • Allows you to create a Blacklist and Watching Stories among other extended functionalities


  • Price point is high for SMEs
  • According to their website, lots of features are yet to be released

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics

ingramer coupon code


Word of recommendations is the foundation of influencer marketing. The E-commerce industry has strengthened this marketing technique through Instagram. Read our Ingramer review to know more about leveraging on the social media platform. Get Exclusive Ingramer Coupon Code – Use AFFING


Instagram is a visual platform to exhibit your business, create brand awareness and develop a strong customer base.

ingramer coupon22% OFF
Ingramer 22% + 17% Coupon Code
Ingramer is an Instagram bot that promises an exponential increase in followers and engagements as well as total automation of your Instagram accounts.

Instagram has grown at a greater rate similar to Facebook and Twitter. As Instagram is a diverse platform with a variety of audiences, both small and large brands can leverage this to promote the growth of customers.

What is Ingramer?

Ingramer is an Instagram promotion tool that works based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Here are a few reasons why you need Ingramer:

  • Firstly, for brand awareness and conversions of followers to customers.
  • Secondly, an influencer marketing platform like the Ingramer provides the exact targeting needed.
  • Thirdly, you’ll be able to build your business and promote your Instagram growth like a professional.

Our Ingramer review observes more actions per month. In other words, compared to other tools, Ingramer performs 3750 actions per month.

Moreover, you have the option of automating your marketing strategy. As a result, increase your business significantly through Ingramer.

Certainly, an effective tool in the market that helps you find real users and followers.

In this Ingramer review, we will discuss the features Ingramer offers and how the various modules in the tool can help a business stay on top.

Why should you use Ingramer? Exclusive Ingramer Coupon Code Inside!

One of the widely used social media platforms is Instagram.

Successful marketing campaigns start with assessing your marketing strategy. Knowing your target audience and creating engaging Instagram content is easy with Ingramer.

Additionally, it is one of the best tools available in the market to elevate your feed on Instagram is Ingramer.

Therefore, no one wants to miss on the opportunity to increase brand awareness and promote growth in business through social media marketing. Get Exclusive Ingramer Coupon Code – Use AFFING and get Jaw-Dropping Discount Today.

Ingramer review on Growing Instagram Audience

The only way to grow your Instagram audience organically is through continuous research of your target audience, planning your postings, providing like and comment on others, including relevant hashtags, and continuously post stories to attract customers.

Ingramer Review

Ingramer Features

Assuredly, with Ingramer you can easily:

Automate Instagram Like and Follow actions:

  • You can automate actions such as ‘auto like’ to encourage others to like your post back.
  • For instance, you can benefit from auto like and auto-follow along with 1250 actions per day.
  • Do you wonder why it is necessary to automate Instagram actions? There are plenty of benefits to automating. This includes time-saving, focus on vital business, 24/7 posting, and easy to manage activities.
  • If you notice that you spend many hours manually liking and following on Instagram, you can opt for automated Instagram Like and Follow.

Smart Unfollow

You have the option to smart unfollow to clean your Instagram accounts. Clean up your account to unfollow.


As an extended functionality, Ingramer offers the Blacklist option to remove unwanted hashtags, location or usernames.

Automated Schedule postings

If you do not have the time to post regularly, you can automate by scheduling posts in advance.

  • You can auto-schedule pictures, content, and videos. If you spend several hours manually posting on Instagram, you can opt for scheduled postings.
  • Plan for a week, and regularly schedule systematic postings.

Send direct messages to followers

Learning about the business followers, enhancing network with the customers, and introducing new products are made easy through Direct Messaging.

    • For bulk posting and messages to followers, you can use direct messages option.
    • The Ingramer Direct Message option helps you send personalized messages to the audience.

Take advantage of hashtag generator

If you have been engaging in social media marketing, you know how important it is to use proper hashtags.

  • Ingramer Hashtag Generator can help you identify the right hashtag based on popularity.
  • You just need to enter the keyword to generate a hashtag. You can select from the most widely used hashtag listed.

Use advanced filters to narrow down your targeting

You can use profile filters to manage the number of followers, the number of users following, number of posts in their profiles and the last update they have made.

  • For best results, businesses should narrow down their targeting through filters.
  • Through precise targeting your promotions can reach the right group of consumers who can become your future customers.

View detailed statistics of the work

Through statistics, you can know your strong and weak points to identify the right strategy for managing your account.

  • For instance, you can identify the right hashtags to include, create much better content, reach new customers, and find the right time for posting.
  • Do you know that Ingramer Instagram analytics covers 13 metrics to audit your profile?
  • These metrics include the number of followers, engagement rate, average user activity, posts per day, posts per week, uploads amount, posts per month, most popular post time, top hashtags used, top caption words, audience interest, tops most commented posts, and top-most liked posts. Get Ingramer Coupon Code – Use AFFING and enjoy its benefits today.
ingramer coupon22% OFF
Ingramer 22% + 17% Coupon Code
Ingramer is an Instagram bot that promises an exponential increase in followers and engagements as well as total automation of your Instagram accounts.

Instagram Profile Analyzer

Just open to the Instagram Profile Analyzer under Tools, enter a username and click Analyze.

Instagram Profile Analyzer

Ingramer Profile Analyzer

Ingramer collects and analyzes statistics of an Instagram profile for various metrics. For instance, for Number of Followers, Engagement Rate, Average user activity, Posts per day, week and month, Uploads amount, Most popular post time, Top hashtags used, Top caption words, Audience interest, Top most commented posts, Top most liked posts.


Setting up your promotion on Ingramer

All it takes is a few minutes to set up your journey of business promotion on Ingramer.

  • Firstly sign up and add your account.
  • Secondly, set up a new campaign by adjusting your activities, target audience, set daily limits and enable filters.
  • Finally, let the Ingramer run your account and track through analytics.

All you need to do is slow down, relax and enjoy.

Ingramer Dashboard View

The dashboard has a clear and easy-to-use interface, if you are new to the tool, within no time you can clearly understand and find the information you are looking for.


Dashboard Activities

Through Ingramer Dashboard features you can view the following activities:

  • Following: Displays how many people are following the business account.
  • Liking: Displays the number of people liking your account.
  • Unfollowing: Displays the number of people not following.
  • Liking Feed: Displays the number of liking the feed.
  • Liking Comments: Displays the number of liking the comments.
  • Watching stories: Displays the number of people watching stories posted.

Other Dashboard functions

You can select the period for which you would want to view the activity. It could be last week, last month or last year. Moreover, apart from the Likes and following, you can view the number of the audience watching stories.

What attracts the audience to your account? For instance, stories can attract and interest people and draw attention to your post. Additionally, you can include polls and quests to alert and wake up your followers.

Finally, other options featured with Dashboard include Promo, Posting, Direct, VPN and Tools. The Tools tab features Trending Hashtags, which is a smart selection for hashtags. Only for Limited Time: Ingramer Coupon Code – Use AFFING

Key Modules in Ingramer

Ingramer modules facilitate the promotion of your account, content scheduling, direct messages, and comments. Our Ingramer review lists the four modules in Ingramer:

Promotion Module

You can promote your account with auto liking, following and unfollowing. You have the option to promote your account through:

  • Hashtags: You can promote through most popular hashtags that will be effective for your business.
  • Locations: Helps interact with other accounts. You can promote your account by location.
  • Usernames: Facilitates selection of targeted audience.

Direct Messages

The main features of direct messages module are Instagram Direct Mass Messaging, Instagram Direct Chat, Instagram Direct Autoreply, and Instagram Direct Search. Additionally, you have the option to create mailouts, communicate, set up sales funnels and perform a direct search by keywords.

Direct Messages

Moreover, if you are experiencing decreasing sales and not able to reach the target then send direct messages to persuade your followers to buy your product.

  • For instance, you can personalize direct messages for a group of followers to win business.
  • Also, you can either send direct messages to all of the existing followers or only the new followers.

Scheduled Posting

You can easily schedule the content for posting using the Scheduled Posting module. Definitely, no more worries about whether you will post your content on time. This module takes care of all your postings.

Schedule Posting

For instance, if you want to schedule a story, just add the story, enter descriptions and hashtags for the story, add locations, set a time for publication and save. The content will be posted in the set time.

Comment Tracker

The comment tracker keeps track of all the comments in the feed and alerts you about all the customer questions. You will not have the fear of not responding to any comments.

As a result, it is easy to view, track and manage comments. This module is currently under development for easy comment handling and tracking. Make use of this exlusive offer – Ingramer Coupon Code – Use AFFING

Functions in Tools Menu

Ingramer offers the function of the hashtag generator, hashtag trend i

Ingramer offers the function of the hashtag generator, hashtag trend indicator, photo or profile downloader, and profile analytics. The Tools menu provides options for hashtags and analytics. Our Ingramer review of tools include:

Instagram Hashtag Generator

In this, you have the option to generate hashtag using keyword, Photo, and URL. Enter the relevant keyword, or URL and click the Submit and Generate Hashtags button.

For instance, you can select from the list of Frequent, Average and Rare Hashtags. The number of times each of the listed hashtags used on Instagram will help you decide on the right hashtag for your business.

Ingramer Hashtags

Hashtag Trends

Boost the traffic by selecting trending hashtags under your postings. Ingramer hashtags are trending and new to help you reach the heights of the fast pace marketing platform.

Instagram Downloader

You can effectively use Instagram downloader to save any photo from Instagram that is available for public access. In this, you have the option to download photos, profiles, videos, stories, and IGTV.

For instance, enter what you want to download and click Download. The main advantage of this Instagram downloader is you get to download photos without losing on quality.

Profile Analyzer

This feature collects data and analyses profiles based on various metrics. For instance, if you want to know the ‘top-most like posts’, profile analyzer can quickly analyze the profile.

Target your business promotion in the social media platform

Acknowledge the fact that consumers are differentiated based on various factors. Assuming there is no difference in the customers will no longer help the competitive marketplace. The Ingramer target feature lets you identify your business targets based on various criteria.

Furthermore, you can increase the accuracy in identifying the target audience. This can be done with the help of Gender, Likes, languages, stories, unfollowing, and Timezone.

In the Dashboard, click Targeting and then Advanced to select these targeting options to promote your business.

Certainly, these advanced filters make your promotion much more targeted. Identifying the target audience helps you concentrate on whom your business will cater to.

Therefore, without knowing who you are serving one cannot expect to prosper in the competitive world. Understanding clearly the differences in the audience will determine the success of marketing.

Comparison of Ingramer and other Instagram Bot

Any Instagram bot would help find active and real followers of the business. However, Ingramer could do it at a faster rate and can be considered more reliable in terms of performance.

Although there are several noteworthy Instagram Bots in the market, Ingramer makes a greater number of actions than any other tools. For instance, when you compare with Binbangram this tool can perform 3750 actions per day.

Furthermore, the new feature in pipeline is the Comment tracker option which will take this tool to the next level of performance.

According to our Ingramer review, the tool is reasonably priced. Ingramer prices start from $37 and have 2 weeks, 1 month and 3 months price option to get bigger discounts.

Strategies to elevate Instagram Presence

A tool’s effectiveness can be judged from the number of actions per month and hence it can be considered worth investing. Some of the strategies you can use to elevate your Instagram presence and engagement are:

  • Post content regularly and consistently in the target audience area of interest. In other words, plan fresh and exciting content to draw the attention of your target.
  • Monitor closely your Ingramer targets and send personalized Ingramer Direct Messages to your followers.
  • Have a marketing strategy in place to build business through Instagram. With minimal effort and time, you can steadily grow your audience with a trusted Instagram tool like Ingramer.
  • Bulk Post or schedule posts to ease your job. However, remember no tool is a substitute for your planned attempt to grow your business.

Therefore, to effectively utilize the potential of this Ingramer tool in social media marketing, the business should already possess a strong influencer marketing strategy. Ingramer Coupon Code – Use AFFING. LIMITED TIME OFFER

Pros and Cons of Ingramer

Our Ingramer review of pros include:

  • A trusted, secured, simple and easy-to-use tool with an intuitive interface.
  • Performs 1250 plus actions per day and a competent team of specialists to support your account.
  • Auto feature to save time on liking, following and posting.

Here are the Ingramer review of cons:

A bot designed only for Instagram. More pricing options will encourage the users to opt for this.

Ingramer Review of Pricing & Ingramer Coupon Code

An Instagram bot with four different modules and the option to purchase for different periods. Currently, Ingramer offers 2 Weeks, 1 Month and 3 Months pricing options.

Ingramer Pricing
ingramer coupon22% OFF
Ingramer 22% + 17% Coupon Code
Ingramer is an Instagram bot that promises an exponential increase in followers and engagements as well as total automation of your Instagram accounts.


In conclusion, if you are an e-commerce or online marketing company, using a promotion tool will enhance business.

  • For this, you need a simple and effective Instagram promoting tool like Ingramer. This tool can very well help you identify the right marketing strategy to stay on the top.
  • Moreover, if your account is continuously growing, you can be sure that there is customer retention in your business. Successfully retaining your customers and encouraging them to stay with your account is made easy with this Instagram tool.
  • Having Ingramer not only help you connect with your customers, but also attract organic traffic and engage traffic through scheduled postings.
  • Planning makes a lot of difference in the e-commerce world. Our Ingramer review reveals that with this effective tool, you can plan or schedule your feed in advance.
  • Furthermore, you can reach more customers and have new followers only when you post content regularly and consistently. The danger of running out of content can be avoided through the scheduling and automation of Instagram posts.

Overall, Ingramer has an intuitive easy-to-use interface, useful statistics, high performance in terms of safety, speed, efficiency and customer support. Get Exclusive Ingramer Coupon Code – Use AFFING only here!

Begin your promotion through Ingramer Instagram bot that can perform 3750 actions with expanded functionality such as Liking, following, commenting, direct messaging with complete safety on sensitive data.

Embrace the full potential of this essential Instagram tool if you haven’t already.

Certainly, it is a must tool any e-commerce business should invest to engage with their audience.