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About is gradually emerging as the go-to source for crispy clean proxies. From residential proxies and mobile proxies to data centre proxies, you will be spoilt for choice. Grab your free trial today and experience unlimited bandwidth, rotating IP with every request, and uncompromising internet anonymity. Readmore
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“ is one of the newest and most reliable proxy providers in the market. Choose between Residential, Mobile, and Data Center proxies. You will have high-speed real residential IP addresses, White Hat security, anonymity, and economy.’s allows web scraping, PPC quality control, threat simulation, and Ad validation – “


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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics

15% INFATICA.IO COUPON CODE: ACINFATICA Coupon Code – Get highly reliable proxies at low cost!

Advertising requires you to think outside the box. When you want to run local ad in a foreign country, what do you do? Get a proxy, of course! is the perfect bull for this job. Let’s see what can do for you.

What is is a platform that provides proxy service to firms, brands, and teams. It helps them access global network, portfolio, and surf the web for monitoring, research, and testing purposes. It offers fast and high-performance data centers which are utilized by various industrial use cases. Hence it is the leader in proxy network industry. 

Get exclusive Coupon Code – use ACINFATICA only here! Features

This proxy service has great features. The important ones are listed below:

1) Brand Protection ensures that users get protection for their brand from fraudsters, malicious competition, and frustrated competitors. This feature helps users to detect fake ads and eliminate them. So that anyone can protect their customers from visiting unauthorized e-commerce stores that are selling low-quality products. also helps to map out your marketing systems. At the same time, it launches bots posing as regular local customers to spy and intercept any manner of suspicious activity.

2) Data Collection Challenges

In general, businesses and companies face data collection challenges and helps to solve those various data collection challenges. It also ensures that you collect accurate, updated, and high-quality information about customers, vendors, and competitors. To this end, offers an easy way to collect pricing information from websites of vendors and competitors. It does this by posing as a local customer on the competitor’s websites.

3) Threat Simulation provides an easy way for firms to test clients and see whether their networks, systems, and servers are facing threats. Some of the threats that could be faced are DDoS attack and botnet intrusion. Also, you can map the topography of potential attacks in your business with the help of geo-selection tool. So Infatica is definitely a good source of proxies.

As as it offers Instant Kill Switch and Split Tunneling features, it is considered as the most reliable proxy network. Coupon and Pricing has unique pricing. Its users pay for the number of proxies and streams needed rather than traffic used. Plus, they will send you a trial account login if you send your details and request for one. So get the most out of today.

As you can see, offers the following subscriptions;

Start Plan: Costs $360 for 40GB a Month which means you are paying $9/GB.

Pro Plan: Charges $700 for 100GB/Mo which means you pay $7/GB

Plus Plan: Valued at $2,400 for 400GB/Mo which implies you pay $6/GB

High Volume Plan: Costs $3,500 for 1,000GB/Mo which charges $3.50/GB

Bulk Volume Plan: Charges $20,000 for 10,000GB/Mo which means you’ll be paying $2/GB

Pay as You Go Plan: This is a customized package where you only pay for what you are using and it costs $12/GB

As you see, the pricing plans are slightly higher but still it is a good option for businesses and individuals. Looking for an affordable price? If yes, redeem Coupon Code – ACINFATICA now!

Claim Coupon Code Today! is the best place where you can go for all your proxy needs. So still wondering? Claim Coupon Code today and save more. Do you have any experience with Let us know in the comment section below.