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About HelpShelf

HelpShelf is the ultimate solution to all your support requests. In a word, HelpShelf strives to provide all the information your customers need by surfacing the right information at the right time. Also, HelpShelf combines all your support tools and resources you're using into one single widget. Readmore
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HelpShelf Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ HelpShelf seeks to solve one of the biggest hurdles that online businesses face, tons of support requests. With HelpShelf you can considerably reduce support requests by combining all of your support resources into one gorgeous widget. This way, your customers can find what they need without calling support – “


  • Integrates seamlessly with most Apps
  • Employs a unique approach of consolidating and displaying all help information
  • Analytics give you a better picture of what visitors  are looking for
  • The suggestions based on the page you’re at are pretty neat


  • Integration is limited (depending on your subscription)
  • This tool Is a bit overwhelming for someone with a simple blog

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


HelpShelf Coupon Code – Get the best support request tool to provide timely information to your customers at reduced rates!

For online marketers and advertisers, running your businesses is not simple because of all the tasks to be carried out. They need a service that will assist them to manage all of their tasks and simplifying your operation. Luckily, HelpShelf is there to help. HelpShelf is there to reduce your support requests and therefore you will have happier customers.

What is HelpShelf?


HelpShelf is a customer service software that reduces your support requests. It connects the support tools and resources that you are using and combines into a single widget. HelpShelf is particularly very useful for SaaS and B2B focused businesses. It also optimizes your content suggestions by learning what people search for and consume on each page.

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HelpShelf Features


1) Knowledge Base

The knowledge base on HelpShelf is especially useful because it improves organizational agility. It also helps the customer in making good decisions and making them on time. HelpShelf assists the customer to solve problems faster and it increases the rate of innovation. Thus it supports the growth and development of employees and has a panel of specialists, who share their expertise.

2) Live Chat

HelpShelf has a live chat which has really benefitted its customers by reducing expenses, increasing sales and many others. A live chat is cheaper that the traditional phone support which has expensive toll charges and person-per-hour costs. With a live chat, you can drive around 3-5 times more conversions and deliver up to 6000% ROI. Furthermore, customers that use live chat are three times more likely to make purchases.

3) Self Service Portal

With a self-service portal, your service costs will be reduced as a customer. It improves your agent productivity with fewer calls and support tickets. This increases the time that each agent spends with each customer and therefore providing more care to each customer. They also teach customers new skills and give them the tools they require to solve other issues.

HelpShelf Coupon & Pricing

HelpShelf Pricing

HelpShelf does not offer a free version of the site but they do offer a free trial. HelpShelf’s pricing packages are as follows.

Startup Package: Costs $25.00 per month.

Professional Package: Charges $55/Mo

Business Package: Values at $99/Mo

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HelpShelf is one of the best software because providing help for a website customer is made easier with this tool. HelpShelf has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from people that use it regularly and from experts. It has HD, which allows its customers to convert previous content into permanent help desk material. Redeem HelpShelf Coupon Code immediately! Don’t miss this insane deal. Have you tried HelpShelf? Try it and share your experience.