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About Group Leads

Group Leads is a simple but genius way to create Leads from typical Facebook users. By simply creating a number of Facebook groups, you can ask specific questions to filter and curate an ultra-targeted audience with the same interests. Group Leads is a Chrome/Firefox extension you instal. Readmore
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Group Leads Review - Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2022

“ Group Leads converts ordinary Facebook members into your ultra-targeted audience. All you need to do is set up three Facebook groups, require new members to answer certain questions including typing their email address, and then instal your Group Leads extension. Finally, link the extension to your email app – “


  • Easy to instal and use
  • Automated Lead collection
  • Unlimited Facebook groups
  • Outstanding customer service


  • None we could find

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  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Must-have SEO Tool
  • Detailed Analytics


Group Leads Coupon Code is available here! Looking for a great tool to convert your Facebook group members to quality leads? If so, Group Leads is the the ultimate one.

Facebook groups are a great way to collect those all-important customer emails. However, Facebook is not keen on making this task easy for you. And this is where Group Leads comes into play.

What is Group Leads?

Group Leads

Group Leads is a Google Chrome extension that will assist you right away to convert new Facebook group participants into Leads in your favourite email advertising and marketing software.

More than 2,000 businesses and entrepreneurs use Group Leads to construct their Email list on autopilot. Get Group Leads to improve your business. Claim Group Leads Coupon code – use ACGROUPLEADS only here!

What are some of Group Leads’ features?

Group Leads Features

Group Leads Features

1) Automatic Approval on Facebook Groups

Group Leads will assist you to auto-approve new Facebook group contributors. Also, you can easily send the member information you collect to google sheets and your email advertising and marketing software.

Literally, the only job you have is to accept people who meet your terms and Leads will automatically get their information to your CRM.

2) Unlimited Facebook Accounts

We all know what a hustle it is to manage multiple Facebook groups let alone collect all the emails and add them individually to your CRM. Well, since Group Leads solves this first problem with flawless automation, you can manage multiple Facebook groups easy peasy.

Group Leads allows you to add an infinite number of Facebook groups.

3) Seamless Integration – Zapier not included

For a long time, Zapier has been the go-to App for creating a Facebook autoresponder. Well, not anymore! Group Leads integrates right into your Facebook linking your Facebook Groups with your Email Marketing Software and CRM without the need for Zapier. Imagine the amount of money you will save!

Plus, Group Leads integrates well with all the leading Email Marketing Software and CRMs.

Group Leads Coupon & Pricing

Group Leads Pricing

Group lead price plans are affordable, they include;

Starter Plan: Goes for $17 a month to use the Group Leads extension for unlimited Facebook groups.

Pro Plan:Costs $97 a year to use for unlimited Facebook groups.

One-time Plan: Valued at $297. You will get access to unlimited Facebook groups and lifetime access.

All the plans have 7-day free trial to test it on your Facebook groups. So what’s next after the free trial ends? Here is the limited time offer. Grab Group Leads Coupon Code soon! 

Get Group Leads Coupon Code Today!

Finally, Group Leads is an intriguing software that lets you collect email addresses of your Facebook group members and send them to your email list. This way, you can easily create a highly targeted audience for future targeting and retargeting campaigns. So why are you waiting still? Check out more savings by applying Group Leads Coupon Code – ACGROUPLEADS. Do you have any experience with Group Leads? Let us know your thoughts.